quick 5

I've been a day behind all week. I tried to send my husband to his Monday meeting on Tuesday. I thought this morning, "One more day til Friday." And then while laying kids down for naps it occurred to me: today is Friday! Like right now, this very moment that I am living in, as we speak! So here is an extra quick Quick 5.

1. I have several goals for the weekend:
  • hang with my husband. He has been working a lot and we have been like ships passing in the night (I think- does that saying mean we just vaguely see each other? If not, disregard.)
  • reach 46K words in my book. For the month of June I am trying to write 1000 words each day with the hopes of wrapping up this first draft. It's aggressive, but so  much more doable now that we are done with our homeschool year. I still write at night, just less on my mind, I guess. 
  • make a meal plan for next week. I've been just winging it for a few weeks months  since Tessa was born and I'm ready to get back into the swing of it.
  • order pictures for a photo collage frame that is hanging (empty) in the living room.
2. We broke our TV strike and watched Duets this week. Mixed feelings about the show. Wanted to like it but not sure I did.

3. Did anyone see Snow White and the Huntsman last night? Fill us in.

4. Tessa got her first tooth. Yeah for teeth! Boo for not napping or sleeping well.

5. Last weekend I took a shopping trip with Ella that will forever live in infamy. I have debated blogging about it, but it is pretty embarrassing and I'm not sure I can go there. Just that bad. BUT the bright spot of the trip was when we were rushing out of one store and hurried into the next, we accidentally walked into Anne Taylor Loft. Oh my word. It was beautiful. The clothes, the colors, the cut and fit. I was in awe. I made a resolution that should I ever have a large amount of money and need an outfit for some sort of amazing event- I will buy it there. And it.will.be.awesome. 

That's it, peeps. Gotta run as the natives are running wild while I type this. 

But wait-

My niece, Harper Grace, was born two weeks ago! Welcome to the quick 5  world, Harper!

See ya-


Sarah said...

Snow White and the Huntsman: It was alright. It dragged a lot in the middle, Kristen Stewart proves once again that she has no range besides brooding teenager ( I had hopes), and the acting seemed a little overdone at times. But Charlize Theron was still pretty hardcore, and her dresses were intensely fabulous.
Rating: 2.5 out 5 poison apples.

Becky said...

Thanks, Sarah. Nice work on the snappy review. Perhaps you would consider being our official movie correspondent? The pay stinks but just picture all 17 of my readers being awed by your cinematic insight. Pretty enticing...