quick 5

Welcome, summer! We will tolerate your heat and ruthless humidity simply because you come bearing gifts- watermelon, popsicles, and nights spent watching the kids pour water on each other. 

1. We've come to appreciate random nights of sitting in camping chairs, watching the kids tear around the yard with the neighbor kids. Of course there are fights to mediate, constant complaints over who has the best  water fight ammunition (although in the end- the ones with the QT cups usually win the water fights), and every five minutes we get shot by someone and have to yell, "No shooting at parents!" But it is the stuff that summer is made of. 

2. I thought I would offer a small lesson on the subtle differences between superheroes. In these pictures,the kids are eating Marvel popsicles. After passing out the treats, the kids formed teams and took on the personality of their specific superhero. So though it may look like they are all doing the same thing...notice the little details. 

Incredible Hulk- all in the punch

Spiderman- web-slinging hands

Ironman- repulsor blast
 Consider yourself educated.

This picture reminds me of a major difference between Tessa and Ella. Ella's hair grew in as a mullet (business in the front, party in the rear). Tessa's hair is the total opposite-
its doing everything up front!
We get quite a few comments about our light-haired fourth born, Tessa Jo (also known as Tesser, Tessa Yo, Yo-Yo, Te$$a, TJ, etc.) Sometimes in certain light, she even looks like a redhead! At almost 11 months, she is getting to be a busy little squirt. It occurred to me today that when my babies first can crawl, they head into the kitchen to find mom. But once they get good at crawling, mostly I just see their little diapered bottom crawling away from me! Tessa's newest discovery? The steps. 

4. Recently I was reading a blogger I like and stumbled upon a site called The Minimalists.  I was intrigued by the title and started digging around a bit (did I mention that Garrett was gone three days and I had the epic bedtimes where I needed to be away but close? Enter extra time on computer.) I started to click around and try to get a feel for what their deal was (minimalist because of sacrifice? money? feng shui?) and stumbled on a post with an apartment tour. You can see the whole thing here, but I'll show you some of the pictures that kind of grabbed me. 



Before you start telling me the gazillion reasons why this minimal loft apartment is totally removed from my reality- let me say a few things. I understand that this person lives in a city and does not have kids. I also think it feels a little too minimal, like borderline sterile for my personal preference. Its not the kind of space I would want to live in, host a party, have friends to dinner. However, when I think about a space where I could create, where I could actually write for long amounts of time- this is exactly what I would choose. Very little visual distractions, tons of light, and plenty of space for my thoughts to echo and roam around. And even though I know it isn't ideal for my family, there is something about the simplicity of it, the feeling of cleaning a whole living space in 45 minutes, that really calls to me. 

5. Today I celebrate ten years of marriage. When I think back to a decade of being a Mrs., I am struck not by how quickly it went but by how long it feels- its only been a decade? I feel like I've been married much longer than a third of my life. In fact, its hard to remember life before marriage. I can't really imagine being me without him. And as I think about it, I find that being with him has made me much more me. So thankful and blessed and humbled by that decade. 

Hope your weekend gives you something to celebrate- new life, good friends, a priceless memory, one of those new chocolate dipped cones from McD's, whatever. Just celebrate it. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Tessa has a bit of a mischievious look on her face as she attempts the stairs. Oh, boy! Mom

Derrick, Shelbie, kai, Addalyn and Eli said...

Ah, Happy Anniversary!! That was a quick 10----probably a golden 10 in retrospect!