vacation, day 1

Today, on our first day of vacation, I ate three meals that I didn't cook.

Today I watched my kids delight in seeing their family. 

Today Ella napped with her head on my lap. 

Today I sat on a blanket with Tessa, surrounded by a sunny mountain day, and watched her constantly try to stand (and kept kissing her and sitting her back down because I promised Garrett she wouldn't take her first steps without him!)

Today the kids and I went to 7-11. (I love 7-11 the way most people love the porch swing on their childhood home; Big Gulps and slurpees whisper of my childhood.)

Today I read a book from cover to cover.

All these things, and it's only day 1. <sigh>

(P.S. Car trip went great. Thanks for praying, Sar.)


Teresa said...

Glad you enjoyed this consummate beach novel in the mountains. Also glad to hear you made it just fine! Enjoy day 2!

Nicole @ she-laughs said...

Ella took a nap on your lap????????? All this sounds so wonderful! Enjoy all your moments there! Love you guys!!

Becky said...

Thanks, friends! We are soaking it all in and living it up =)

Uncle J said...

Last weekend I had a childhood moment similar to yours....mine involved a chocolate creme filled at Dunkin Donuts!!!!!!