and then he turned five

My freckle-faced boy is now a five year old. It happened today, snuck up on me in mid-July as it has for five years now. We celebrated with a little shindig yesterday, a party that was one part Angry Birds, one part Spider Man, and one part Wipe Out. We decided that the theme was General Awesomeness. And did he ever have fun. 

The funny thing about Isaac is that he is kind of a contradiction. He is extremely outgoing but often shy. He is highly energetic but crashes the hardest. He loves to make new friends but hates new situations. He is sensitive yet brutally honest, easily offended but quick to forgive, side-splittingly funny but only when he is in the right mood.

Passionate would be a good word to describe Isaac. Ask him how feels about something and he will tell you it was the best or the worst. There is no "kind of," no partial love, no fake "pretending to like it to make you happy" kind of response. 

He delights in people but is not, at the core, a people pleaser. This an interesting phenomenon to me.

Waiting for the pinata
Isaac loves babies, from siblings to cousins to the little ones in our community. He will stop to bend over, kiss their cheeks, make them giggle. Often when I hear Tessa squealing it is because Isaac is crawling after her, tickling her feet, playing peekaboo from behind the kitchen cabinets. I really love that about him.

One of Isaac's interesting quirks is his obsession with being big. I know that is normal for most kids, but his passionate nature makes it HUGE for him. The day he fully understood that it was not possible for him to ever be older than Drew, he broke down and sobbed his little heart out. 

With that passionate heart, there is a part of me that wants to tame it, wants to help him learn to balance and steady himself. While some of that is a matter of self-control (the main word that comes into play over and over in discipline with Isaac), I try to reign back the urge to even him out. God made Isaac with an intensity that I should seek to help focus not dull. I need to be more concerned with helping him be passionate about good things than preoccupied with draining off some of the passion. Easier said than done, but still such a good thing.

This morning at breakfast we took turns telling Isaac the things we like about him. Drew said (tearfully), "Isaac is the funniest person I have ever met." I agreed. When Isaac is on, he is downright hysterical. So many moments, it can be just a glimmer in his eye or the way he is dancing during a dance break, he just has it- and then everything about that moment is funny. It will be interesting to see how that develops in him.

All in all, it was a fun weekend of celebration. Its neat to sit back in those moments and really think about the changes that have occurred in our life, and specifically in Isaac, in the last calendar year. He is growing up so quickly, and it is truly a wonder to behold. Though trying to shape his little heart is much like A Tale of Two Cities, ('it was the best of times, it was the worst of times') he is teaching me so much about patience, friendship, and the passionate life. 

Happy Birthday, I-man. 

Ella watching the party festivities- not the most relevant picture but the pickings were slim

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Nicole @ she-laughs said...

Oh, please pass on a birthday squeeze from me!! I was just remembering the other day, sitting out in the backyard with him when he was around 7 weeks old just snuggling the day away... unbelievable! Love you guys!!