first comes love...

...then comes the marriage, then comes the ten year anniversary trip. Amen. 

Garrett and I just returned from a week at the Lake of the Ozarks- a kidless week. I am honestly not sure what to say next. 

Here was the vacation to-do list:

Eat excellent food. Check.

Sleep in. Check.

Eat breakfast and dinner on the front porch that overlooks the lake. Check.

Go into town whenever we feel like it. Check.

Read, read, read. Check.

Joke so much we end up rolling on the bed laughing. Check.

Finish writing the first draft of my novel. Check! (I know. Feel free to read that again and scream a little. I did.)

Grill a lot of bread. Check. 

Have wandering, untimed conversations about life, community, following Jesus. Check.

Reflect on ten years of marriage. Check.

See sweet friend from college who I haven't talked to in forever. Check. 

Hanging with Tessa & Scott

Come home rested, filled up, and ready to love our people and our Savior more wholeheartedly. Check. 

And so we're back. We've been squeezing our little people and hearing all about their adventures. As we pulled out of my folks' driveway with the car comfortably full again, Ella chimed from the back seat, "So mom, tell me about your vacation." It was such a funny grown-up way for her to start our time together. But its so good to be together again. 

One of the things I realize being gone was that I have missed blogging. Something about the timing of life and the way I have been trying to balance things has left the blog at the bottom of the pile. But I'm ready to get in gear again and stay in touch. No promises- just a sincere desire to try. That's all I can do. 

I hope your summer is cruising along, full of good moments and meaningful memories. Have a great weekend!


Tawnya said...

I want a review of "Dress Your Best" and possibly another shopping trip post - jeepers, don't I sound bossy?!:) SO glad you had a great time away!!! I saw a pic of you guys on FB with the Angelos....good times:)

Becky said...

Loved the book,"Dress Your Best", Tawnya! Which reminds me that I forgot to put "Spend $91 at Anne Taylor LOFT outlet. Check." Review coming soon.

Nicole @ she-laughs said...

This post made me kind of tear up... hahahahaha! Love you both so much and love that you were able to take some time out to just be with one another.