quick 5

Nothing like a road trip to inspire the quick 5! Here we go...

1. This is my niece, Fiona. 

She's almost two. She hates orange. Her curls are out of control and we are all nuts about her.

And this is Harper.

She's nine weeks old. Not stingy on the smiles. Isaac has declared her the cutest member of the whole family. 

Our little road trip will wrap up tomorrow. We've had a great time, mostly time spent with the cousins just running around and giggling. The stuff of summers, indeed!

2. Speaking of summer, may I just go on the record as saying that I just don't like to be hot. I'm not sure when this happened, when I transitioned from "Yeah, summer!" to "If I have to sweat, I don't want to go." I'm trying to just get over it but its tougher than you'd think. On to something else...

3. Tonight I went to IKEA with my sister. Oh, yeah. IKEA is genius. Its like they are reading my mind and designing products for things I want to do in my house, and then selling them uber-cheap. They are that good. Garrett happened to call on the way home and the conversation went like this.

Me: (excited) I'm driving home from IKEA.

Husband: What's the damage?

Me: Oh its not too bad.

Husband: Yeah right. You like IKEA the same way I like corndogs. There is not enough, no limits. 

"The damage" was three pillows, two pillow covers, dish set for Tessa (b-day gift), two glass serving bowls, two kitchen timers, and 100 tealights. $60. Point proven. 

I bought a crazy pillow with the most random bird on it. Its loud and colorful and the kind of thing that my children will attempt to steal for their own rooms. Its like I saw it and I just couldn't help myself. 

4. Its been great hanging with my sister, Sarah, for a few days. She's a classy lady, and about to turn the big 3-0. As we sit around and chat about the old days, watch our kids play, shop IKEA, drink Starbucks and Diet soda, time seems suspended a bit as we feel so very 'us' but also see life playing out so quickly. In some ways we're very alike (taste in literature, news junkies, shopping preferences) but in other ways so different. Her house is a subdued taupe with classic decor. Last week I fought the strong desire to paint my kitchen a color called Dill Pickle (and the battle is not over, oh no. Just postponed.) Still, there's something really special about being with someone that you have shared so much life with, and even when your current lives look radically different, that shared part lets you still see the world the same way. I love it. 

5. My laptop battery is dying so I have to wrap this up! Three weeks until school starts. WHHHHAT??? I will not even go into the fact that I am about one week into my summer to do list. Sheesh. But the summer has been full of great travels and memories and mornings playing with neighbors and evenings laughing with friends- can I really be grouchy about the fact that I didn't get a lot done? No, except that I feel like that last sentence is pretty much the story of my life. I'm too busy living my life to actually manage it well. 

Hmmmm...I've never actually said it that way before. 

Well, happy Friday from the suburbs of Chicago and the road back to Omaha. We'll spend the afternoon in the car and sleep in our own little house. Sometimes the best part about travelling, even when trips are really good, is getting to go back home at the end. Don't ya think?

Catch ya later. 

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Jenni said...

I say YES to dill pickle! And what suburb does your sister live in? That's my old stomping grounds.