we now return to our regularly scheduled programming: the quick 5

Its nice to be home on a Thursday evening, procrastinating this post, doing random things that could certainly wait, awaiting the flash of lightning for some quick 5 inspiration. But sometimes you have to write first, and hope inspiration follows. So we'll go with that. 

1. This lady will turn one in eleven days. I am still in the first stage of dealing with that: denial. 

2. We had a running joke last week that I will attempt to share. The funny thing about running jokes, or inside jokes, or any jokes that are attempted to recreate later is that they aren't that funny. But here goes. I decided that vacation would be an opportune time to dye my hair just slightly. The grays were getting aggressive lately and I was done with it. 

Plan: Garrett can help me dye my hair while on vacation.
Prep: Bought soft black permanent dye, read the pamphlet, prepped hair and bathroom.
Execution: Attempt to do it quickly during commercial break of BBQ Pitmasters (not just his idea- our idea)

So the joke goes...

Garrett: Hey, remember that time I dyed your hair?
Me: Yeah. Hey, remember that time you dyed my forehead and my ears and my fingernails and my neck?


3. I recently read this post on hospitality and it really resonated with me. For several months we have had a few extra residents who took up residence in the former playroom. When mentioning to people that we were preparing for that or in that transition, people often said things like, "Wow, do you have room for that?" or "Oh, you must have a big house."  My reply, at least the one I said in my head was, "We're making room." or "It's not that big, but its big enough." I completely agree with the article I mentioned because I've found it true that your house is only as big or as small as your hospitality. Did we have room for our friend and her sweet daughter? Well, we were willing to make room- in our house, our schedule, our lives. Isn't that really what hospitality is? Its opening the doors and saying, "I'm glad you're here and there is room for you." We do that by changing the sheets on the guest bed or by blowing up an air mattress or pitching a tent in the backyard for our guests. Any of those actions, done with open arms and a serving heart, will make someone feel welcome. 

Leslie & Tessa

And most of all, it is NOT our perfection that makes people feel at home- its our honesty. Someone who is truly hospitable doesn't create a setting that just takes your breath away (though those settings can be fun!) There is that feeling in someone's space, that certainty that I could kick my shoes off and curl up with a book here, I could walk into the kitchen and just open the fridge, I can relax my shoulders and let down some walls and get to the heart of who I am. And all of those things are welcome. You are welcome here. That is what hospitality says. 

Sure it has a price- and there is definitely that reality that your guest (especially if they live with you!) is going to watch you fight with your spouse and lose it with your kids and make dinners that are definitely not blogworthy. But that's OK, because that's part of the trade. Hospitality says, "You can be yourself. And I'll be myself. And let's try to be our best selves together."

4. I've enjoyed some of the articles about the life of Nora Ephron. I particularly enjoyed this article by Tom Hanks as he remembers his friend. Has anyone read any of her books? I'm intrigued and hoping to read some of her writing.

5. A note about this blog template. In the upper left hand corner you have the option to change how you view this blog. The "Classic" view will function most like a normal page, with posts consecutively down the page. But some of the others are pretty fun, particularly if you would rather be greeted by pictures than text. I really like the "Magazine" view, though it does not actually have the full post with links when it first opens. So you have to click on the first post, but then you scroll through them in a really cool reading window. Just thought I'd give you that tip. Not sure how long I will stick with this look but I like it...for now!

Looking forward to the weekend and week beyond! Hope you sip some lemonade or peach schnapps or whatever floats your boat. Have a good one. 

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