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Today was cool and windy and just enough of windows open and lingering outside to make us truly believe that fall is coming at last. Bring it.

1. The Olympics is over. I know this isn't news to you but it is a reality that we are still addressing. At least once a day one of the kids will declare "Let's watch the Olympics" and then they all pile on the couch and look expectantly at the TV. And then I have to explain (again) that its over and will not be on again for a long, long,long time. 

2. I spent last weekend with friends. It reminded me how great it is to reconnect with people who share memories, even distant memories that you have to dust off but are delighted to discover are still there. My college friends have aged quite gracefully and are still a blast to be around. The weekend also reminded me that people still fly and travel and go places even though that is so far out of the realm of what I think of each day. So somehow I came home to the feeling that world is much smaller and much bigger than I had been thinking. 

3. While gone, I saw this on instagram from my husband. 

Photo: Daddy day http://instagr.am/p/OMNG-NzPYA/

My first thought was: Oh my word! What fun!
My second thought was: Geez, I love that crazy blanket.
My third thought was: Where are Isaac's pants?

But my favorite picture of the weekend met me on the way home...

Photo: Airport http://instagr.am/p/ORoxUzTPfg/
There's no place like home.
4. While travelling, I stood in line to get a drink at the terminal. The shop was busy, with lunch just starting and several flights delayed. As I was being helped, a man at the end of the line (probably five or six people back) walked up next to me and took the last pizza out of the warmer where it waited for someone who was committed enough to pay $5.75 for it. "Better grab this before its gone," the man explained to everyone else in line, and then returned to the back. Thirty seconds later, as I was turning to leave with my bag of pretzels, a worker pushed five fresh pizzas down into the tray. The irony of it struck me. Here was this man who wanted to be sure his needs were cared for, and all he got in the end was a cold pizza. If he had been patient (and considerate) his food would have been fresh. But he wasn't, so it wasn't. I think there's a lesson in there somewhere.

5. On Monday we start our homeschool year. Gulp. This year the kids are officially second grade (Drew), kindergarten (Isaac), preschool (Ella) and the age that makes it impossible to accomplish anything (Tessa). So we'll see how this goes. 

I've had a few posts brewing but there just isn't time on the horizon for them, so I'm going to just write a brief review of each post for you.

"great new book"- in this post, Becky explains how she read "City of Ember" by Jean DuPrau. Two thumbs up- and a sequel on hold at the library.

"homeschool happenings"- Always the curriculum enthusiast, Becky details some of the new curriculum her little family will be testing out this year. From the old faithful (Math, Handwriting, and Classical Conversations) to the new additions (Science, Bible , History, Phonics, and Language Arts) there is good stuff on the horizon- and in the homeschool cabinet.

OK, I'm done with that. I pictured that playing out differently in my head. (Movie quote???)

So I guess that's it! Hope your Friday finds you in good spirits and great company. 

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