quick 5

Hello there, Friday! Good to see you again.

1. Last week at IKEA I bought a few cheap timers to use for the school year. I stashed them away, but didn't do a very good job as they were discovered quickly. Now I feel like Captain Hook walking around with the ominous "tick-tock" beating on the back of my skull. Seriously. Its out of control. (One of them actually went off with a loud ding as I typed that paragraph! Sheesh.)

2. At dinner one night we were discussing our favorite season. Drew was tied between winter, fall, and summer. Garrett opted fall and I agreed. We turned to Isaac (5) and asked his favorite season. He thought awhile, and it occurred to me that he may not know all the seasons. So I asked, "Isaac, do you know the four seasons?" He replied, "Football season, tornado season..."

3. If I could have a reality show, it would be one where people train their entire lives to compete in a grand event in front of the whole world. Wouldn't that be awesome? Oh, wait, that's the OLYMPICS!!!!! Oh, yeah. I'm an addict. I'm hooked. I got an invitation in the mail for a wedding on the night of the opening ceremony. So I checked the box "Regretfully decline" and then I wrote "The Olympics start that night! Are you insane???" Just kidding. I didn't get an invite. Or write that. And I wouldn't. Unless I was joking. But I do so enjoy the Olympics.  In fact, here are...

 10 Signs that You Might be Too Into the Olympics

  1. While watching diving with a friend, you find yourself explaining the pike position, the importance of minimal splash, and how you get so tired of China always dominating in the diving.
  2. You will watch any event. Polo. Badminton. Fencing. Crew. Whatever. 
  3. You cry when commentators refer to the dramatic Keri Strugg vault. That was one of the best moments of your life.
  4. You say things like, "We can watch netflix any time! But the Olympics are only on for 13 more days!"
  5. You actually start a conversation, "Have you heard about the badminton scandal?" (And your neighbor says, "Really? Badminton scandal???")
  6. You have opinions about the badminton scandal.
  7. You have debated with your husband about why badminton is an Olympic sport.
  8. Your opinion about the Chick-Fil-A business is nothing compared to your outrage over the new rule in gymnastics that limits the number each country can send to compete in the all-around competition.
  9. You fall asleep at night with the Olympic theme song running through your head.
  10. You would recognize Michael Phelps' mom if you saw her at Walmart. ("Hi, Debbie! Bummer about the 400 IM!")

4. Yesterday was eventful. Ella got a haircut. Ella dropped a stool on her toe. We spent date night in the doctor's office. And then Ella shut her hand in the van door on the way to the hospital for x-rays. (I would like to publicly apologize for the gross picture of her foot that appeared on my instagram feed. We were having a little competition to see who could take the best picture. Later I looked at it and thought, "Gross!" So to my four followers, I apologize.)

Waiting at the dr's office

5. Saw this commercial while watching the Olympics and it cracks me up. "Do you like cheese? I once woke up with a green pea in my mouth." 

I think that's all she wrote, folks. Spent the morning hanging with my neighbor and working on cupcakes for Tessa's party while corralling the kids. We were trying to make cat and dog cupcakes because Tessa loves our cats and the neighbor's dog. Cats. Check. Dogs? Easier said than done, people. 

Hope your weekend is fabulous and fun. Track & field events in full swing. Just in case you're wondering. 



Teresa said...

Can't wait to see those catcakes.

Stacey said...

Ahhhh. Thank you for the Quick 5! It was a welcome break from writing an exegetical paper. I would completely identify with all of the remarks about the Olympics except I'm behind in my coverage (again, there's this exegetical...) and haven't heard about the badminton scandal. Except... I think I'm almost caught up, and I still have no idea what it is! I may have to look it up...