a few things to tell you on a sunday night

This picture has nothing to do with my weekend. Just trying to keep this post visually interesting. You can thank me later. 

I had a good weekend, one of those that has a lot of laughter and gasping and sunshine and apple pie. And flowers. (Oh my word- if you could see the size of the wild flower bouquet that is dominating my dining room table, you would choke on your pumpkin spice latte, yes you would.)

Coming this week...

We're gearing up for tech-free week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what that means, you're lucky. Just kidding. Tech-free week is when we turn off the TV (and the wii and the laptop and the Kindle Fire) and entertain ourselves old school for a week. Last year we were purposeful about going tech-free for the first week of each month. This year we haven't been as faithful but we are trying to reign that back in and start fresh. Board games, reading aloud, coloring, crafts, and charades are now at the top of the agenda. For Garrett and me, we try to spend the later evenings reading or chatting, and usually end up getting a lot more sleep. (By way of the rules, I am technically still allowed to write but there is NO facebook, perusing blogs, or general internet dead time.) I was dreading it a bit (I think we all were), but by the end of the weekend there was a sense of anticipation as the kids went to sleep and knew they would wake up tech-free. So here we go.

In other news...

A few weeks ago, I tried to borrow a book from the Amazon Prime lending library and I accidentally bought it. Thankfully it was a cheap book, but it took awhile to really get my attention. Still, I kept reading it here and there, then it suddenly got really good and it was a mad dash to the end. The end. That's the problem. It really bugs me when an author tells you how a story ended instead of actually letting you be there. In this particular book, the story climaxed with the main character's brother on trial, her love interest returning, her music career rekindling, and her life at a crossroads. The next chapter was two years later, and just hinted at the fact that somehow her brother was acquitted and she is back with this love interest (are they married? together? How did this happen???) and they have a puppy. The End. Sheesh. (The book was Carry Yourself Back to Me by Deborah Reed- just FYI. If you want to borrow it, I can beam it to your kindle. Isn't that crazy?)

This picture is not relevant either but one of my favorite people gave me this vase. 

Also of note...

As of last night, I am half way through the second draft of my book. Today I was telling some friends about this milestone and they cheered. Just whole-hearted, good-natured, "We so believe in you" cheered. The lovely girl next to me sighed, "I can't wait for your book signing." Um...that might not actually happen, I replied. She shrugged as though it probably would. None of them have read a word of it, none have any reason to believe it will go anywhere- but they get the fact that its something I'm plugging away on, and they get that its important to me in a way that I don't really explain very well. And there's something about people believing in you, even if they don't have a reason to, that makes you believe a little more in yourself. 

And last but not least...

My husband is working hard at planning a banquet for Release Ministries, the organization we have partnered with for ten years. Its a cause we believe in: helping hurting kids find life and hope in Christ. Would you like to come to the banquet? He is trying to sell tickets or find table sponsors or just get the word out that its coming. October 16. You can make a reservation here if you are interested. 

 Guess that's it for tonight. Hope you have some things to look forward to on the horizon. 

See ya Friday. 

Me and TJ

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Nicole @ she-laughs said...

Oh heck yeah, there will BE a book signing!!!
Love you and your ability to love and speak that love into my heart! You are a HUGE blessing in my life... HUUUUUGE.