lists to camp by

My camping mentors: Troop Beverly Hills
Before going camping last weekend, we consulted the internet for a variety of packing lists. While these lists were helpful, they were incomplete. And you know me, I am nothing if not helpful (that was supposed to be sarcastic). So, for your next camping trip, here are a series of lists.

Camping in the Heat

  • baby pool to dunk children in late afternoon
  • swimsuits, towels, etc.
  • water cooler, cups, and ridiculous amounts of ice 
  • extension cord and fans (multiple, large, high power)
  • a canopy so large that other campers believe that the circus has come
  • extra tarps to add shade to...everything
  • camping chairs with the mesh back that is ventilated
  • note the menu: do not pack lunches because you will actually need to go into town daily to buy ice, nap your baby in the car, and stop sweating for a few moments of bliss

Camping with multiple families

  • pack few snacks in higher quantity (when children see your child with an apple, every child in hearing distance will want an apple. This is not a problem because your child will inevitably see a child with Cheez-its and that will result in all children wanting cheez-its.)
  • extra markers, crayons, paper, etc.
  • the camera- to capture kids walking happily hand in hand
  • s'mores, dough boys, and other campfire goodies for kids to munch during the bedtime story around the campfire
  • glowstick bracelets. The BEST way to keep track of kids between sunset and bedtime.
  • string (turns sticks into bows), flashlights (turns walking across camp to potty into an adventure), mini notebook (makes seeing largest spider ever more exciting and less traumatic) 
  • plenty of "hanitizer"- a word Ella made up (can you guess what two words she combined?)

Camping with other people who are generally awesome

  • smoker- hard to make amazing pulled pork sandwiches without it
  • tissues- you will inevitably cry when things starting getting real around the campfire
  • peach schnapps (and why not?)
  • lots of wood- that campfire could be going awhile
  • covered fire pits (two words: FIRE BAN!)
  • a sound system (told you this was my kind of camping. How else will you get the mood music out there? Celebrate good times...come on!)

Camping re-entry: what to expect
  • though you ate a large amount of your food, somehow your items will still barely fit in your car. Its a miracle.
  • plan for five hours to unpack and get resettled. Then double that.
  • brace yourself for ticks. Ugh. The tick carrier rate in our house has been 50%. Double ugh. 
  • Pre-teach your children about how to talk appropriately about where said ticks were discovered (thank you, husband. Isaac quote: "I got a tick but I CANNOT tell you where it was.")
  • marinade children in warm soapy water before scrubbing. This will make it easier. 
  • check for ticks again the next day. Wh...what???? Afraid so.
  • extra gratitiude for all things modern and cool.
  • a strange and unexplainable desire to do it all again...soon (except the ticks. Thinking about giving them an application of frontline next time. Surely they have something like that for kids?)
There you have it. Hope that is helpful for you should you attempt to camp in the heat with a large group of generally awesome people. I highly recommend it.


Teresa said...

Glowstick bracelets are in the realm of genius like pop-guns, which were sooo 2009.

The only other thing you forgot?

An air-conditioner!

Becky said...

So true! I did make a comment about taking our window unit AC- which my husband took as a joke.

Your popgun comment is so funny because someone actually said "Glowsticks are the new popgun." Missed you guys!