quick 5

Good morning, quick 5 reader. I write you today in the midst of a plague that has descended on our house. (No- this is not about the stomach bug we have all had and Tessa has right now. I know you're tired of hearing about that so I won't mention the "d" word that rhymes with miarrhea) I speak of fruit flies. We have an infestation, an invasion, a bonafide personal attack on my sanity in the form of miniature flies that burst red when you squish 'em. Its mucho disgusting. 

But moving on...

1. I love it when kids have their own versions of real words. Its darling, and I don't correct it. Hey, I don't care if they are sixteen and still saying 'pasghetti'. I'm their mom, and I'll think its cute (well, maybe not sixteen but you know...whatever.) Some of my favorite are...

  • frecktles- what Isaac calls those darling spots on his face
  • colka dots- spots galore
  • neckflix- where Ella turns to watch shows with no 'mercials
  • a'cause- a'cause I like it that way!
2. I took Isaac in for his 5 year check up (a few months late but he is STILL five so its not too late). As always, I was highly entertained and offended by the advice sheet that they gave me for dealing with my five year old. Besides the fact that (according to the advice given to me by the doctor's office) I should be limiting his television to two hours a day and not forcing him to clear his plate because that will make him obese as an adult, there is the ever prevalent issue with five year olds of sex education. (Excuse me? That's what I said.) Apparently it is recommended to tell your young child about sex because 1) you need to tell them before they are misinformed by others and 2) "while they still believe everything you tell them." Wow.  Kind of a pessimistic ring to the future of our relationship, wouldn't you say? There's so much I could say about all that.

3.  Watch this and I promise not to ask where you are in Les Mis. 

4. I was standing in the checkout line at Walmart when I was really freaked out by this picture:

Is that really you, Martha?

Its like Cruella de Vil's blonde sister got bit by a Cullen and has amber eyes. Creepy. 

5. And now for some quotes of the week:

From a song: 'Eyes wide open and your jaw on the floor, we see science fiction ain't fiction no more.'

From Hemingway: 'There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.'

From 'Why Women Still Can't Have It All' : 'It is time for women in leadership positions to recognize that although we are still blazing trails and breaking ceilings, many of us are also reinforcing a falsehood: that “having it all” is, more than anything, a function of personal determination.'

From Rick on Pawn Stars: 'Owning a boat is like buying a hole in the water that you can just pour money down.'

From Ella: "Why do our neighbors call us 'neighbors'? THEY'RE the neighbors!"

Well, that's the Friday wrap up. Looking forward to a weekend of just me and the baby (toddler?) as my husband and older three set off together. The plans to paint have been nixed and replaced with plans to hunt for my sanity and superglue it to me. Wish me luck!

And by the way, thanks for reading and being part of my Friday. And thanks for letting me be part of yours. 



Teresa said...

It looks like Martha is channelling her inner-Gaga

Teresa said...

Had to add to your list:

"callapilder" - Elijah's version of a soon-to-be-butterfly

"aminals" - Emma's passion in life

"Blackbuster" - the video outlet before Netflix existed

& "'puter" - how I'm able to leave you messages