quick 5

As the sun rises on a new Friday, I think with awe that this is the only time I will ever live this day. Some days that thought is so fresh and exciting. Other days it is entirely stressful, as though what its really saying is that the wasted moments will never be brought back. But today I'm choosing the first mindset, that (as Anne said) today is fresh with no mistakes on it. 

Now, on to the five...

1. Today Drew was writing a five word sentence and decided on:

My mom is not thin. 

Thanks, buddy. I was hoping for some humble pie with my morning coffee. 

2. Speaking of not being thin, I've been trying to wake earlier in the morning to exercise. I  bought a "Biggest Loser" workout video, and I'm enjoying it (I use the word 'enjoy' quite loosely. Does anyone really enjoy sweating, gasping, and muscles everywhere that hurt when you do anything?) I like this video in particular because its not a bunch of skinny people in bikinis who are smiling at you as though they don't even feel like they're working at all. Instead, there are people who look normal, and sometimes they stop to breathe or stretch or glare at the perky instructor. It feels more authentic, more like the kind of class I would really go to. 

3. I started reading From Beer to Eternity: A little story of addiction and beyond by Gary Morland. Its a short memoir of a father reflecting on the adult years of his life and his struggle with alcohol. Its a quick read (and just 99 cents!) but has a subtle depth to the  description of the quiet slip into alcoholism and the vacant life that followed. There is a particular passage about how he knew that he didn't choose to be an alcoholic, no one really chooses it. And yet by not choosing otherwise, the choice was made for him. I would recommend it as an insightful and hopeful read. (If you have a kindle- you can borrow it from me.)

4. I had a little burst of cleaning power this week. I'm not sure exactly where these bursts come from; if I only knew I would harness the power more often (or bottle it and sell it in an etsy shop and then pay someone to clean my house. either way.) Every so often I wake up and look around me and say, "Becky- what are you waiting for? No one else is going to deal with the fact that this upstairs hallway is out of control." And then I deal with it: sort, carry, store, dust, sweep, find a lamp, spray paint it, move furniture, hang a picture, and then nap time is over. 

Hello there, silver lamp hanging out in the basement.

New coat of glossy black spray paint and new home in the upstairs hall.
(Still awaiting inspiration for the lamp shade- any ideas?)
5. Here's a random sampling of my recent finds on the interweb ("they have that on computers now." -movie quote?) lately:

Favorite new recipe: Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork (have I mentioned this before? Its on my mind because it is on the menu TONIGHT!!!) 
Favorite new local business owned by someone I sorta know: Celadon Goods (Hi, Kimberly!)
Favorite Netflix discovery: Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog (written and produced by Joss Whedon- yep)
Favorite song to start when I do the dishes: Take my Life- Third Day
Favorite barn sale that I won't be going to but will still shamelessly plug: Red Barn Outdoor Market

In other new, we're getting two Chick-Fil-A's in our area. As my kids say, "The cows have no beef with that."

In other other news, I am managing a fantasy football team. I feel, somehow, that this sport is misnamed. Nowhere do I have a fantasy that involves managing a football team. But here I am- facing up with my neighbor on week one. So I'm rooting for Aaron Rodgers and the Baltimore defense (I actually had to click away and check who my defense was. Such a newbie.) It kind of all seems like a lot of work (insert list of charts that my husband consults as he sets his weekly lineup) for a pretend football game. Maybe that's just me. 

Well, in the wise words of Porky Pig, "That's all, folks!"


Teresa said...

You know, if you ever get tired of fantasy football, you could join my favorite activity: fantasy interior decorating.

It's when you sketch out all of your friends' houses - noting in particular the ways that their lives would be so much better if they just knew how to arrange their furniture, choose a paint color, implement new storage ideas, incorporate an island, change out their appliances, introduce appropriate wall hangings, finish your basement, or add on!

All these helpful hints are paid for by faux cash (to match our faux wall coverings). There is no time limit, and no inconvenience, as the project never really actually happens except in my mind.

I get to fix your life, and you get to smile at me and nod.

Everybody is happy.

Nicole @ she-laughs said...

Ha! Thanks for the shameless plug, friend!! Wish you all could be here. You've been on my mind several times througout this week. Love you all!

Uncle J said...

Why is that when we are humbled regarding weight we think of humble pie? Never humble rice cakes or humble protein shake?