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The house is still and dimly lit, with just the whirring of the dishwasher and the clicking of keyboards and some faint radio sounds floating from the babies' rooms. We woke in the night to the angry cries of the second born, who is now the lucky carrier of a virus that we just can't seem to shake. Nothing like the high fever/painful diarrhea combo going around the house to make you think, "Sweet Jesus, help us" about thirty times a day. Last weekend it was Ella. Mid-week, it was me. And now poor I-man is the one with the glassy eyes that droop until he makes a mad dash to the bathroom. 

Not exactly what I had planned for starting this big week, but life isn't exactly what I planned either. And that is just the way of things.

Garrett and I met in Germany and share a love for old churches and German food (and finding community via parachurch organizations). Tonight for dinner we attempted to recreate a German bratwurst experience. I made some french bread into rolls  hoping they would taste like brotchen, Garrett boiled brats in beer and grilled them, and then we slathered it all in mustard. It was reminiscent but not even close. Some things you just can't recapture (we didn't even attempt to make pommes frites, simply the best tasting things on earth). But the venture itself was fun, and we were trying to seize the day a bit as we ended a long housebound day and head into one of those weeks. 

My fantasy football team was disappointing again, although it seems like my opponent's team might have been a little more disappointing, which would result in a win. Verdict is still out. 

Cameras are in short supply around here, with the digital camera going on strike and my phone having a little issue with a memory card. I thought of this tonight as I was looking at the beautiful bratwurst in the homemade roll and mused, "Too bad I can't take a picture." Then it occurred to me- what is it with our current culture and the fad of taking food pictures? Does anyone really care what that bratwurst looked like, I mean, really? Maybe its a way of celebrating our accomplishments or maybe its just trying to share in simple joys or maybe its the ultimate sign of hedonism when we just want everyone to savor our own indulgences. I dunno. But I think I'm over it. 

Speaking of being over things, I think I'm over facebook. Weird, huh? I'm not sure why, but lately every time I log on I start looking at this long list of absolute nonsense that has been posted since I was last on and I find myself wondering what in the world I am doing with this precious chunk of time that could be spent somewhere else. I don't think I'm going to abandon facebook altogether; I do see the value in keeping up with people and being easily accessible. But I'm trying to change the way I think about it. I call it the "Facebook challenge".

Here's what you do:

  1. Check facebook one time every day.
  2. During that time, write at least one personal MESSAGE to someone. Say something encouraging. Ask about their life. Remind them of something that is true about them that they might have forgotten. Tell a good joke. Etc.
That's it. Sounds simple but I think it will actually be kind of hard. Maybe it doesn't fit you, but I'll let you know how the experiment goes this week. 

We were talking about the love of God this week, and I asked the kids if they think God loves them. Their responses were so classic for their personalities.

Drew(confident): Yes,I know that God loves me.(I've been told therefore I believe)

Isaac (panicked): I think so but I don't feel like God loves me!(emotive and passionate)

Ella (sassy): Of course God loves me. (I mean, Hello! What's not to love about me?)

Yep, that about sums them up. 

Well, I think I will go now. Have a great Monday and an even greater Tuesday and an even greater...well, you get the picture.

See ya Friday.

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Teresa said...

We will pray for you this week, and hope that Isaac gets better soon ... looking forward to hearing how your challenge to manage facebook went.