On an average day, ninety percent of my conversations happen with people under the age of eight, which makes for an exhausting but interesting dialogue stream. There have  been a few conversations in the last day that have been noteworthy.

On Getting Old

Yesterday on the way home from school, Ella(3) told Isaac (5) that one day he would be an old man. Isaac immediately burst into tears, denying the possibility while crying. "No! I won't grow old! I won't!"

I asked why he didn't want to be old.

His reply, "Because when I get old I'll have to go live at the place where great-grandma is and you live there all alone and you don't get to be with your family."

We talked that through a bit, and then he turned and said to Ella that one day she would be an old woman. Then Ella began to cry. 

I asked why.

Ella said, "I'm sad because when I get old I will have to paint my finger nails red 'cause that's an old lady color but I only want them to be pink!" Sob, moan, cry, "I hate red!"

Oh, brother.

On Jail

I try to answer my kids questions honestly and not gloss over topics that will make them uncomfortable, though how much should I really say? I dunno. 

Today for his handwriting assignment, Drew wrote a letter to our friend who is in jail. This sparked a myriad of questions.

"How long will he be in jail?" For a few years. 

"Is it like a dungeon. Are there really bars?" It is probably lighter than a dungeon but I do think there are actually bars.

"What is it like in jail? Is it sad?" I don't know what it's like, but I know that it is a very hard place to be. Why don't you ask him what its like.

"Why is he there?" Because he committed a crime. 

"What crime did he commit?" He tried to steal money from a store.

"Why did he do that? Did he need food?" He needed money and made a bad choice. He knows that what he did is wrong and he is very sorry about it.

"Did the police catch him and take him to jail?" Yes.

"Do some people go to jail and never come out?" Yes.

"What did they do that makes them stay there forever?" If you kill someone or do bad things to others, you might have to stay in jail the rest of your life.

"What kind of bad things?" We'll talk about that when you're older. (I was thinking of the Sandusky sentencing. Not ready to explain things of that nature.)

On Contentment

Listening to Lecrae, the chorus of the song says repeatedly that 'God is enough', Ella called from the backseat, "Mom! Is God really enough for you?"

"Yes, He is," I replied.

"Then he is enough for me, too!" called Ella.

"Me, too!" chimed in Drew.

That was a good reminder, for sure. 

Hope your week is going well. Catch you Friday. 

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Nicole @ she-laughs said...

Okay, that last one on Contentment actually made me burst into tears imagining this. I love it.