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Al...most...Fri...day... (feel like I'm running out of breath on this week, ever been there?) But here's the state of things.

1. One of the 982 things I 'worry' about in homeschooling my kids is the obvious reality of my weak areas of teaching. There are some things I'm all about (reading, writing, field trips, donuts) and some things...not so much. Art is one of those 'not so much' things. Crafts and creative things of that nature are the first things to get pitched when I am feeling worn, and I am feeling worn. Thankfully I discovered some little project packets at the Dollar Tree and they are saving the day in the art department. Today we made some stain glass collages with three packets from the store (sorry- couldn't find a picture). A few weeks back we did some mosaics with small square stickers which was a lot of fun. I like that for $1 each, all the pieces are included and I don't have to store a bunch of leftover supplies. Right up my alley. 

2. I started a new book (well truthfully, I picked back up a book that I started last year but never finished) called My First White Friend by Patricia Raybon. Its written with such a beautiful voice, such a crystal clear picture of the author's experiences growing up as an African-American child in the 1950's. Here's a short excerpt about the author's grandma, a woman who left her son for over a decade to go north and build a life in hopes of bringing him with her some day.

Smile, she would say, showing her dimple.But he couldn't.All the years in Mississippi left my father with a hole in his heart and light-heartedness would never be his lot. Life just wasn't funny to Bill. (pg. 31)
I'm not generally a fan of non-fiction but I'm growing in my appreciation for a well-told memoir.  The book is very good so far.

3. Ella and I continue our daily negotiations over what she will wear. She has extremely strong ideas about her wardrobe- at least for a three year old, in my opinion. One of her new habits is that when she wakes up from her afternoon nap, she changes her clothes before coming downstairs. "I like to change for dinner," she tells me. It reminds me of the old English books where at evening everyone would go upstairs to dress for dinner. Poor Ella was born in the wrong era (and country...and economic class...)

Pic from starbucks.com
4. I had my first Peppermint Mocha of the season (crowd cheers!) And I noticed that the price has gone up (boo! hiss!) Seriously, there's something about paying almost five dollars for a DRINK that makes you feel like, I dunno, everything you kind of hoped you wouldn't be when you grew up. Sheesh.

5. I'm having some technical difficulties with my phone and camera. But thankfully, other people in my life are on hand with cameras in hand to document certain events. 

These are the eggrolls that we cooked up for our first annual All Things Deep Fried Night. We had traditional and reuben eggrolls, along with deep fried oreos and mini candy bars. Oh my word. Over 24 hours later I still feel like my stomach is trying to digest a brick. Maybe it should be more like every four years than annual!

And the bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. Out of control. 

Sweet Tess! 

And here's few shots that my sister-in-law, Emily, snagged of the kids when we were in CO. 

Aren't those great???? Just goes to show you that you don't need a great camera, you just need to surround yourself with people who have great cameras. Amen.

Well, I guess that's it. Have a great weekend!

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