quick 5

Good morning, Friday fans!

1. Today we spent the day at the pumpkin patch. I tell ya, the pumpkin patch has come a long way from this:
C-Bizzle- kicking it old school at the pumpkin patch with his dawgs
Back then, it was just a patch of pumpkins. Nowadays, the "pumpkin patch" has rides, animals, attractions, and so much more. We are all exhausted but it was a full and fun day. 

2.  Ella lamented that she doesn't want to grow up because then she will have her own house and miss her family. I replied that there might be a day when she wants her own house, when she doesn't want to live with her family any more. Her response? "I can see that."

3.  The fruit flies are gone. Thank you all for your ideas and support.

4. In October, the blogosphere goes crazy with posts as people participate in the 31 Days series- writing a blog post each day for the entire month. In the past I had a few blogs that I read through the entire series, but this year I am just not really feeling it. There are two series I have followed and try to catch up on every few days. The Nester is doing 31 days called "Home. On Purpose" (my favorite post being Nobody's Dream Job). Ann Voskamp is writing at A Holy Experience  in a series of "31 Days to Crazy Joy" (my favorite post so far was Why You Should Smile Right Now) . Anyone else reading through a 31 days series? 

(I'm straining to think of a number five, and a crying baby in the background is pretty much squashing the creative juices. I think my littlest has a bit of  a fever and is in need of mom. So I'm going to leave it at that and owe you one.)

JunkStock this weekend! Not sure I'll make it out there but it sure looks fun. 

Have a fantastic weekend!


Stacey said...

I've marked several of the 31 Day series to go back and check out as I might have time. The only one I'm actually "keeping up" with is the sewing school on Simple Homemade, mostly because I want to sew and I have a lot to learn. I've been in and out of Nester's series. The one I liked was the "Don't Buy Words". It's got me thinking about how I want my house to look and feel, and what I can do to get it there (over time and on a VERY limited budget...).

Nicole @ she-laughs said...

Ooh, I was wondering if you'd make it to JunkStock! Did you???