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An opening line of a blog post is like a pick-up line, just feels kind of make-or-break it, ya know?  (Speaking of pick up lines, my favorite movie pick up line scene is as follows:

Guy: You look a lot like my next girlfriend.
(Girls smiles and ignores him.)
Guy: My friends call me Chip.
Girl: Oh...can't you get 'em to stop?

Wow, buddy. Just let that one go. Seriously.) 

I digress. 

1. Ella has learned a new song at her preschool class, a new and modern hit called "Days of the Week." Sung to the tune of the Adams family, the words go like this:

Days of the week (snap, snap)
Days of the week (snap, snap)
Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (snap, snap)

There's Monday and there's Tuesday
There's Wednesday and there's Thursday
There's Friday and Saturday and then there's Sunday

Days of the week (snap, snap)

The funny thing about this is a) Ella will not let us sing along because she insists that we do not know the words, and b) she strongly believes there are only four days of the week, so her version begins repeating at Thursday. Oh, Ella...

2. I snapped this pic awhile back when I returned to room time to find the kids "Playing Zoo."

3. I read a bit of a post today at A Holy Experience, and was struck by these simple lines:

"If you don’t fight for joy, it’s your children who lose.
What do I want my children to remember — my joy in clean floors, made beds and ironed shirts — or my joy of the Lord?
You will be most remembered — by what brought you most joy."- Ann Voskamp
Wow- if that won't stop you in your tracks and make you think about things, I'm not sure anything will. It made me think, what does really bring me joy? How would my kids answer that question? Am I really fighting for joy? I feel like I'm fighting, fighting to give each day my best and fighting to be patient and fighting to just keep all the balls in the air- but isn't the fight for joy a better one to fight? 
4. I've been on a bit of a home improvement frenzy. I moved around my living room furniture this afternoon, and was confirmed that it was already in the best position as it originally was. But now I know for sure. I also bought two little samples of paint that have been such fun. 

I love these samples because they come with their own brush attached to the lid. So I can literally find something to paint, cover my kitchen island, (newspaper, foil, rolled out trash bag), paint something for fifteen minutes, and then put it all away in a cinch. Not that fancy, but such an easy solution for this crazy season of life. The colors are Mustard Seed and Peacock Blue.  I've used them both and am partial to the blue.

I painted this tray that holds all the things that I constantly clear off my kitchen for school, baking, or whatever. Diggin' it! Next up...

A mirror for the entry way. Its' going blue (or mustard....but probably blue...or mustard.) With the paint samples at $2.95, the tray for $1, and the mirror for $9- its a pretty cheap way to add color and life to the house. 

I also got a little creative in trying to prep for winter. In the middle of a pantry intervention with some friends (yes, only really good friends will come over for a pantry intervention), I was trying to preempt the winter gear that would soon explode all over my kitchen. Gloves, hats, scarves- the thought of them all strung out everywhere was giving me a rash. So, I looked around and saw the fruit rack hanging on the side of a cabinet...wheels were turning...I kept looking back and forth as my mind slowly put the idea together....and voila! 

5.  This week I walked around my van to finish unloading my shopping cart and suddenly looked around frantically trying to find my cart. I found it- rolling away to the other end of the parking lot. I ran it down- to the stares of everyone around me (seriously? no one is gonna help?) and to the loud laughter of the landscaper across the parking lot. Apparently it made his day. So I guess there's the bright side to that. Nothing makes you feel like you've really arrived like running full speed (which is quite a bit slower than it used to be?) across a parking lot, cursing a cart full of groceries. And then in the midst of that- the really telling thing is that the top thoughts in my mind are:I hope the eggs didn't break.  Did I leave the keys in the car? Will Isaac notice them before I make it back? If I jog back with the cart, could I count this as a workout for the day? In the end, I retrieved the cart and made it home. The kids (and the landscaper) thought it was very funny. 

Guess that's all for this Friday update. My sweet husband is sick and that makes the weekend plans open up quite a bit. Hopefully we'll just be here, listening to the wind howl outside and praying the flu doesn't need to visit us all before it leaves the house. 

Hope your weekend is full of joy- choosing joy, finding joy, and bringing joy to those you love. 

Have a good one. 


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