I'll have a quick 5, well done, with a side of hashtags

Did you want coffee with that? Better make it a double. 

1. This week Drew and I finished reading Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. (Backstory: about a month ago I realized I was spending all this energy trying to keep us on track with our curriculum and zero energy on things I'm really passionate about- like reading awesome books! So Drew and I are reading Tuck Everlasting, I'm reading Charlotte's Web to the older three, the boys are listening to Indian in the Cupboard in the afternoons, and Tessa is almost through Les Mis. Maybe it sounds a little overboard but it feels so much more authentic, so much more 'us'. And we burned the workbooks...just kidding about the workbooks and about Tessa.) So anyways, I never read Tuck Everlasting as a kid. I vaguely remember my sister reading it in school and telling me it was awesome but that didn't entice me. Let me just say two things about this book.

  • When I read the first chapter, the descriptions were so beautiful, the prose so lovely, that it almost took my breath away. It is lovely, lovely writing. It made me want to read it again to myself so that I could just savor it. And then it made me want to go burn my own manuscript out of shame. 
  • What's up with the ending??? SPOILER ALERT: why do you think she didn't drink the water and join the Tucks? I was surprised, kind of. I thought she made the right choice but I didn't see it coming. Did you? Have you read it? Do they still read it in schools?
2. Two Chick-Fil-A restaurants opened yesterday within three miles of our house. Sheesh, when it rains it pours, eh? We did not go because my little lady was running a fever and was so crabby about it. But hey, if I was running a fever the day that Chick-fil-A opened, I would be pretty crabby, too. So we didn't go. But I told the kids we'll try to go when we're all healed up. The kids had no beef with that. 

3. Halloween came and went. We donned costumes and made a night of it. 

Tinkerbell, Cow, Optimus Prime, and Ninja
Garrett had this creepy zombie mask that he was wearing to joke with the kids. The funny thing was that it didn't phase Tessa at all. She kept pulling it down to play peek-a-boo. That girl is chill as can be. 

4. We were in the yard trying to gather the kids for a pic when one of our neighbors (not the ones we always talk about- the other ones) returned home from work. The kids began to chat excitedly with her about their costumes. She noticed me wrestling dressing Tessa as a cow and commented, "Oh, so cute! Does her costume have udders?"

Drew replied to her, quite serious, "That would be inappropriate." She looked surprised but stifled a laugh. I asked Drew why it would be inappropriate and he quietly explained to me that the udders are a cow's privates (pointing down to his lower half). Oh, perhaps I should explain...

5. And now for that side of hashtags:

While singing the president song, I remarked that we may have to add a president to the song next year. Drew replied that if he were big, he would vote for Romney. Why? I asked. "Because Obama already had a chance, and it seems like he should let someone else have a turn." #politicalcourtesy #therightagrees

Garrett to kids: "You are not allowed to say hate. Except the Raiders. We all hate the Raiders." #nfldad #notjustagame

My three year old said that the best thing about her life is lipgloss. #shouldibeconcerned #atwhatageisitanaddiction

Drew got a part in a Christmas musical. When asked by the director if he feels comfortable with the song in which his character raps, Drew replied enthusiastically, "Oh yeah!" #lecraefans #whathappenswhenyoumarryamanwholoveshiphop

A line from one of the songs in the kids' musical: "Our long awaited wonderful savior has come to deliver us out of the darkness and into this marvelous love that has given us life,  New life!" #tearedupalittle  #goodnewsindeed  #thankyoujesus

Well, I guess that is all for today. I hope your weekend has laughter and quiet moments and good coffee and Chick-fil-A sauce (maybe not all at once but you get the idea.)

Catch ya later. 


Mike and Lisa said...

About Tuck...I've been out of the classroom for almost 5 yrs now (wow! I can't believe I've been a mom for so long now!) and as a 5th grade teacher then it was on our core literature book list. I read it with my kids every year, sometimes as a read aloud, sometimes in literature circles. Yes- great descriptive language. One thing I did was have the kids draw (I think the scene where the kitchen was described) a scene from the book based on the book's description. Fun!

Mike and Lisa said...

Btw- there was a movie made in the early 80s I believe. I watched it and loved it as a kid, but have not seen it since so can't testify to its quality o appropriateness. (=

Becky said...

Thanks, Lisa. I think there was a newer movie made in the last few years as well. I vaguely remember seeing it at some point. Appreciate your input!