quick 5

1. Look at those faces. I get to be with those characters all day, every day. What a gift. 

2. Its been a week, hasn't it? Whatever feelings the election left you with, I hope you have found time to sort them out and take some deep breaths or see your chiropractor or celebrate with a glass of wine. For me, I felt so frustrated on Wednesday morning. My disappointment with the results was overshadowed by my disappointment with the way people interacted about it on facebook. I think that social media has a way of allowing us to dehumanize what we say. Or maybe its just that things we would have grumbled to our spouse or said to a friend and then later regretted, we can now publish those things instantly on the internet. It really, really bothered me. And I'm not talking about people being disappointed or expressing feelings, I'm talking about name calling and slander and other ugliness. Just uncalled for, in my opinion. 

3. One afternoon this week Isaac approached me while I was folding laundry and informed me that he had 'washed' my computer for me. I went racing into the kitchen to see that he had, indeed, sprayed down my entire computer with the spray bottle that I had left on the counter. I breathed deep, prayed furiously, and tried to pat it down without sending more water into the keyboard. Thankfully, all is well so far. Phew. 

4. Garrett and the older kids like to watch "Man vs. Wild" together. Have you ever watched this show? There is this insane man (named Bear? Seriously, is that really his name?) who parachutes into a habitat and then survives off the land using only his knife and a canteen while trying to find his way to civilization. In just three episodes, I have watched him eat a spider, grubs, a piranha, turtle, and all sorts of strange plant life. Its quite educational. We've learned than when facing dehydration, elephant dung can be squeezed out to produce water. Or there's always that unpopular-but-awesome-to-a-five-year-old option of drinking your own urine. Practical life skills, right there.

5. This week we were reading about John the Baptist (who I referred to as the original "Man vs. Wild". Life in the desert, eating only bugs and honey? Bear's got nothing on this guy.) We talked about the main points of John's story: his relation to Christ, his mission to prepare the way, and then the moment he saw Jesus. Something about the story moved me in a new way. I pictured him baptizing, looking around at people and telling the same message of preparation and repentance. And then one day he looks up, and Jesus is walking towards him. "Look! Its Him! The true Lamb who has come to take away the sin of the whole world."  As I sat in the kitchen reading this story to my kids, it occurred to me that John's declaration is essentially the same thing I want to say to my kids each day. Its what I want to do in our school hours and in our conflict and in our grumbling and in our blessing. "Look, kids! There is Jesus. And He came, has come, and is here- to take away the sin of the world." 

And that's a wrap. Is it me or did this daylight savings time come with a vengeance? There should be a law that daylight savings time and the election can't happen in the same week. Double doozie. At least we have Halloween candy to soften the blow. Amen.

Have a GRRRRR-EAT Friday!


Sharon said...

I love that photo of your kids!!!

Tawnya said...

I haven't commented in awhile because I'm usually trying to fly in and out of cyberspace as fast as possible these days! ha! Anyway...great thoughts on this week. I agree regarding social media...it's a strange thing. I've kept myself (for the most part:) from spreading my opinion on FB...even if it's done in good taste it just seems to spark such strong conversations even from 3rd parties, and I'm just not convinced that FB is the place to have those conversations. Although...I'm sure where it would be....it's important to have the conversations (in a civil way), but I am not sure I've read one thread that was profitable for all involved. Anyway....love that pic of your kids too.