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Friday is here. At last. 

1. I recently heard from good authority (on a podcast- hey, if its on the internet its true, right?) that turquoise is now a neutral. I must confess, I don't really understand how this is true, but I love it none the less. Its the most exciting {fashion} news I've heard in a very long time. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever considered any {fashion} news to be very exciting. And now that I really think of it, have I ever heard any other {fashion} news? Most likely not. But back to the turquoise. I've been on a turquoise kick lately; I have a scarf that I wear constantly at home, an afghan on the couch, and a mirror that is a few-shades-too-bright turquoise. (While listening to the same podcast, I was confused by the news that leopard print is also a neutral. Neutral as in you can wear it with almost any color or pattern? I don't get it. Maybe the definition of neutral is changing? Perhaps someone who is fashion savvy can explain this to us all. Thank you.)

2. The other day Ella (3) announced that she had drawn a picture of me. This was news, because no one draws pictures of me and Ella draws pictures of nothing. I could make out the general stick figure, black hair and a colored dress. I was a little puzzled by a thick red rectangle in front of the stick-person me. When I asked Ella she simply explained, "That's your gun."

Then she dictated the letter that she wanted me to write on  her picture.

Only Ella could actually boss me around when she's trying to write me a nice letter. This pretty much sums up our daily interactions. 

3.  I know you are all dying to see the new Les Mis trailer so I will post it right here for your viewing pleasure:

4. Tessa has been adding to her vocabulary  steadily these last few weeks. Tonight she was repeating after our neighbor and speaking some Spanish, which was so fun to hear! Its amazing to think about the minds of young children and their limitless capacity form all these new connections. I decided that nightly Spanish should be added to Tessa's schedule. Fluent by two? Yes, please!

5. In other Tessa-related news, this new ability to communicate has turned her into a dinner time tyrant. She knows what she wants to eat, and she doesn't care what you want her to eat. I think the evening show of strong will has caught us all a bit off guard because she's been so easygoing until now. But sometime between fifteen and sixteen months, she decided that her preferred diet is bread, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and fruit. Anything else need not apply. Sheesh. 

In other news, Thanksgiving is next week. Are you ready for that? Me neither. 

In more other news, that means Christmas is like six weeks away. Or maybe seven. I'm not counting because I am not there yet mentally. That's not a statement of judgment to those of you who have finished your shopping and wrapping, though if you want to take it that way and try to maybe lower the bar a little for all of us, well I won't stop you. 

In other excellent news, Starbucks is spreading a little holiday cheer with a 'Buy one, Get one free' on holiday drinks from 2-5 p.m. on November 15-18.  So give yourself a little happy  hour to kick off the weekend! 

Photo credit: Starbucks

Have a great weekend!

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ELLA!!! Oh, we love that girl...

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