quick 5

At first I thought maybe I wouldn't bother to post today. From what I hear, our entire nation is going to be out shopping all day long, so who has time to read the quick 5 anyway? But then I remembered that most of our nation can read this post from their smart phones as they stand in line, so I decided to get on with it. 

1. On Monday I announced to the kids that we would be praying specifically for Aunt Mimi this week as she is on a trip to Haiti. Drew replied, shocked, "She took a trip to the UNDERWORLD???" That would be Haiti, not Hades

2. As the weather gets cooler, there are some noticeable changes around here. The kids are required to wear socks (meaning the burden is on me to keep clean socks in stock! Why is this such a task? I dunno.) The cats, who mainly roam our alley, come in at night to sleep. And the blue IKEA table gets promoted from the front porch to the dining room. I brought the table in this week and there was a little celebration from the kids. And then they proceeded to sit their all day as if to welcome it in. 

It doesn't fit all that well, in my humble opinion, but it is really nice to have the seating and the kid-proof work space. On special occasions we drag it into the living room to eat breakfast on it! Happiness, indeed.

(On an side note about the picture, Ella is doing a shape activity called Playful Patterns that I HIGHLY recommend. I found it at a garage sale for a few bucks but I would pay the $30 for it- seriously. We have used it so much and all ages can hop in. It is my go-to activity.)

(On another side note, you can read my rambling post about how I made that book page wreath. It is actually the most 'popular' post I've ever written, so go ahead and read it. Everyone's doing it.)

(Yes, that is a T-Rex skeleton on my piano.)

(I have a dream for my dining room that includes benches instead of chairs. Do you think that's weird?)

3.  On Tuesday afternoon, I headed upstairs to wrestle my children to sleep  gently tuck my sweet children in for naps. I left Drew down on the couch with instructions to read for thirty minutes- and it had to be a chapter book. I came back down, over thirty minutes later, to find him absorbed in and almost done with a book. He saw his time was up, set the book down, wandered the living room, and then went back to the book and picked it up again!!!! This was such a welcome event as Drew has never been one to read for fun (yes, I know he is only 7, so I'm not worried about that. Just excited to see him want to read.)

An hour later I sent the boys outside to get some fresh air. I stepped out to check on them and found Drew in the trampoline, reading book #2 of the series. Woo-hoo! 

4. There is a line from the Lord of the Rings movies when the characters are talking about their task to take the ring and throw it into the fires of Mt. Doom, located in the land of Mordor.  Boromir then says, "One does not simply walk into Mordor." There are all sorts of memes going around that change the last part of that quote ("One does not simply eat the suggested serving size" is one of my favorite.) However, I thought that this take on it was particularly funny. Any Man Vs. Wild fans might agree. 

Bear Grylls: He simply walks into Mordor. 

5. As we head into Christmas, I've been thinking about how to keep slowing us down. I am becoming more and more convinced that our family is not at our best when we are at our busiest. Recently Garrett made the observation that often we live in a way where we have the least to offer to the ones we love the most. So as we look into December, a month that already has a Christmas musical and rehearsals, gifts and shopping, Colorado trip, family visiting, a few Christmas parties, and Garrett gone for five days, the idea of slowing might seem ridiculous. But I'm fighting for it. We aren't victims of our schedule: we're victims of our inability to perceive what is important and guard it.  So here's to a season of PEACE!

Other Christmasy things that are floating in my mind...

    I recommend checking out Advent Conspiracy for some ideas about how to see Christmas in a fresh way. I love their core values: Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love All.  This year, IJM is one of their causes that they are headlining and I am ALL about that!
6. Yep, that's right. A bonus just for you on this Black Friday. This past week I went to a launch party (they didn't call it that but that's what it felt like) for some friends of mine who are starting a non-profit. It is called Life Shared International and I am so excited about this group of people and this organization that was born out of passion and relationship. I was particularly struck by the statements under the portion of their website "Things that Matter to Us".

We believe that all people matter...

We believe that culture matters...

We believe that the quality of daily life matters...

We believe that authentic partnerships matter...

Come to think of it, I believe all of those things, too. So check it out here.

OK, I guess that is all for today. The Christmas season is here. So to all of you who have been listening to Christmas music for weeks already, you are pardoned. And now the rest of us will join you as we head into the season where we celebrate the Great Coming and the humble beginnings of radical new life. 

Have a good one, friends!


Nicole @ she-laughs said...

Oh, I love you all and miss you all. Praying for peace with you through this season! Also, have you ever heard of doing a Jesse Tree?

Katie T. said...

I got Truth in the Tinsel for this year. Similar to the Jesse Tree devotionals, but more on my young kids' level. There's an ornament craft for each day and she gives you a supply list for the whole book up front (so helpful). I'm not under the delusion we'll do all the crafts, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go! : )

mel4mil said...

Ha Ha! Thanks for your witty and delightful stories. How I miss sitting and chatting over a cup of tea- but I guess this will do. I still have such a place in my heart for your little Drew-man...who I guess is not that little anymore. The Haiti story cracked me up! Love to you all and hugs all around!!!

Stacey said...

I have Truth in the Tinsel as well. We won't be making the craft ornaments this year, but maybe next year. Coloring Jesse Tree ornaments is more on my kids' level at the moment. We also picked up "What's in the Bible?"'s Everyday Emmanuel and "Why do they call it Christmas?" So far, I've really liked what I've seen.