what the baby knows about human dignity

Last Saturday I had Tess with me in the grocery store. It was bustling, carts darting and stopping to make way for other carts darting and stopping. Tess had asked me for my sunglasses (she does this by pointing to them and signing 'more', which is actually her sign for 'gimme'.) I put them on her and she smiled broadly, riding around and calling a happy 'Hi!' to our fellow customers. 

Near us in the store was (what appeared to be) a young man who was dressed as a woman. I suspected this from the broad shoulders, the movement, cheek bones highlighted by blush, an overall feeling. And then I glanced around and and saw that others noticed the same thing. An older gentleman pushed his cart past and then did a double take, mumbling something under his breath. A teenage boy elbowed a friend next to him, motioning, whispering, laughing.  

And then Tessa broke the silence. "Hi!" she called to the one people mumbled about. The shopper glanced up but said nothing. So Tess lifted her glasses and peeked out from under them, calling again, "Hi!" Then a little wave of her chubby hand assured the world that it was this whispered-about person, no less human than any of the rest of us, who Tessa wanted to greet. The shopper smiled and I smiled back, and Tessa called one last loud 'Hi!' before putting the glasses back on her face and waving good-bye. 

That little moment made me thankful for babies, thankful for little people who don't yet know that they are expected to stare or judge or giggle about things they don't understand. And it made me thankful for grace, for a Savior who is a lot like Tessa in his approach to the marginalized. 

"Hello there, friend. I see you. You are beautiful. You matter. I love you."


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Thanks, friend.

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Brought a tear to my eye.

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Thanks, Mel! So good to see you around even if its just around here =)