quick 5

Oh, my word. What a week. 

Five of us had strep.

I fell down the stairs.

The van wouldn't start.

Tough things for Garrett at work.

And then it was Wednesday. SHEESH!

Here's to looking at the bright side and hanging on to grace and thanking Jesus for things like penicillin and netflix and friends. 

And away we go...

1. It was quite timely that our week of strep coincided with the Disney/Netflix deal. (Basically, Disney is going to move towards offering their movies for TV viewing exclusively through netflix. But it will all take awhile.) Though there are some of the Disney classics I don't care much for, there are a few that I do. Three words: Rescuers Down Under. Oh, yeah. 

2. Tonight some awesome friends brought us dinner- homemade runzas and french fries. It was quite delish, as my neighbor would say. Every time I eat a runza, I can't help but think, "Man, this would be even better if it had tomato sauce and peppers and olives and pepperoni and mozzarella in it." But I guess they already have those and they're called calzones.  On an unrelated note that is likely to offend the locals, my husbands believes that there are certain regional foods that are, shall we say, an acquired taste: Valentino's pizza and Runzas.  I agree with him on the former. Homemade runzas are, however, a great comfort food and even my pickiest of little ones scarfed down a bit. (Thanks, friends!)

3. The kids have been such champs throughout the sickness. The quote of the week comes from Isaac: "The worst part about being sick is that I can't kiss Tessa."  He loves that baby girl. 

4. Tessa's new mantra is "No Toddler Left Behind." Today the kids decided to go outside on a whim and flew to the backdoor to put shoes on. Tessa saw the first coat pulled on and she charged out of the living room towards the kitchen. Her head smacked right into the dining room table and as I picked her up, she cried and pointed to the back door. She is right in the thick of it with them, from the trampoline to climbing in the fort to rock collecting and bathtub singing. Its fun to see her join the tribe but it also makes me sad to see the baby phase slip away from us in one more way. 

party of four
5. I've been trying to read more, because nothing makes you feel better about your life than being in the middle of five books its good for me and I enjoy it. Last week I read Under the Mesquite by Guadalupe Garcia McCall. It is a story of a teenage girl who is the oldest in a large immigrant family and the events that unfold as her mom battles cancer. The entire book is written in free verse poetry, which was very interesting to me. I wasn't sure if the voice in my head should read it like a poem or read it like prose. I dunno- I guess that voice can read it however it wants! I'd highly recommend the book and am starting this book next. (I heard about both authors from this list, just in case you were wondering.) 

Well, guess that is it for today. In the next few days the kids will be in their first Christmas program (!), I will get a grip on my laundry and my life and my Christmas shopping, and then we will all load up for a trip to Colorado. So there you have it. Next week's quick 5 will be on location from the mountains!

Hope your weekend comes just when you need it, finds you ready to enjoy it, and fills you with good things to give those you love. 

Over and out. 

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Stacey said...

We have bierocks here in KS, and I love bierocks. But I'd never been interested in runzas until Mel pointed out to me that they're the same thing! Someday, it's my goal to take every other Saturday for big cooking days, and at least once a month make a variety of bierocks, both traditional and breakfast ones.