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There's a saying somewhere about being a day late and a dollar short...but then there is also 'better late than never.' So we'll press on from there.

1. I'm not sure what happened in my timeline to get back on here this week. Something about us NOT homeschooling makes everything kind of feel out of rhythm for me. I've been working a lot to dig out from our Christmas trips, get laundry done (12 loads finished and almost all put away),and then I decided to rearrange the furniture. I don't why that urge hits me at inopportune times but I feel like I can't sleep until I do it. So the piano is moved, pictures swapped around, a few new nail holes, and this place is looking good. Ready for the new year!!!!

2. Speaking of new year, I have been turning over a few resolutions in my head. I'm not quite sure about them yet so no declarations being made today. However, I have had something to say on the topic of resolutions so here are the posts of years gone by. 

Revolution Resolution (it isn't all that revolutionary but there is a cute pic of Isaac as a baby)

this afternoon (when a resolution was found in living out a verse)

Day 1 (personal favorite of mine and one of the most read posts I've ever written)

3. Tonight we had a dance party with the rental of Just Dance 4 on the Wii. There was a moment when I glanced away from the screen and saw that everyone was jamming out- even Tessa. I should have stopped and taken a picture, or video footage, but this would have compromised my lead. And let's face it, when you don't EVER win at a video game, you're not about to blow it when you finally find the game where you come out on top. Oh yeah, Just Dance, baby. (Technically, I can also beat my husband in Guitar Hero. But that's it.)

4. Christmas music seemed less present to me this year. I'm really not sure why. But there was a moment early in the Christmas season (right after Halloween- that's when the Christmas season starts nowadays, right?) when I was listening to "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and was struck by the hopes and fears of all the years. A lot of hope and fear, I thought, I know a little about that. I thought about all the hopes and fears I have for my kids, for my home, for my family and friends and community and it all felt very heavy. There's a lot that fits in there. But then I thought about the message of that line, that the hopes and fears of all the years were answered in Christ. It seemed odd that I keep carrying so many when Christ came to carry them for me, no? 

5. Conversation in the backseat...

Isaac (5): Drew, what's a teenager?
Drew (7): Basically, it's a kid with a car.

Well, hope your weekend is off to a great start! 

Catch ya later. 

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Teresa said...

That's awesome. I also had the Itch to Switch, as we call it ... we rediscovered our dining room table, and we are actually using it now in its new home.

Maybe you can see it tomorrow ???