when you eat too much popcorn and feel overly poetic

That's me, popcorn and poetry. My husband is working nights (and days. How does that work, exactly?) this week so nobody here but us chickens. (I always say that to the kids when dad is gone. "Just us chickens." I'm not sure why!) 

I had big dreams of getting way ahead on homeschool planning and finishing getting names on stockings and life reorder in general. Instead I discovered Emily Owens, MD and have been eating popcorn. My husband isn't a popcorn guy, and I like it so much that it almost bums me out to eat it in the presence of someone who doesn't like it. Its like going to the theater with someone who hates theater or watching football with that anti-sports friend.  So when he's gone, I fire up the stove and make serious amounts of popcorn. Funny thing is, digesting large amounts of popcorn doesn't seem to lead to getting anything else done. But here we are.

I first heard someone mention Emily Owens, M.D. as a 'to watch' new show. I watched the pilot episode and I was taken back to my few months when I watched Felicity. Its heartbreaking, gut-wrenchingly awkward, and you hate yourself for not looking away. I thought, "Emily is like Felicity meets Doogie Howser." Then I saw this article which said that Emily is basically Felicity in 'Scrubs'. (How outdated am I that Doogie Howser is my go-to medical show? Hello! E.R? Grey's Anatomy? Scrubs? Nope, my mind goes right back to good 'ol Doogie Howser. Sheesh.)

On a side note, the girl who plays lead in Emily Owens is Meryl Streep's daughter. Just FYI.

I also watched an episode of "Call the Midwife" this week. Wow. What a show. (I heard about the show from this article, The Gospel Lessons of 'Call the Midwife'.) If you enjoy period pieces or good storytelling, you should check it out. I heard someone joke that this show is what the rest of England was living like during Downton Abbey. While the show does highlight the opposite end of society, they are about forty years apart in time. 

I've been trying to write every day on my book, which is why this little space on the internet is oh-so-dusty. I realized last week that my 'junk yard' document (where I paste everything that I cut out of my manuscript) is almost one hundred pages long. Single spaced. That's all the stuff I cut. This feels out of control, no? Garrett said this is good because it shows I'm not afraid to cut. But I feel like if I keep writing things that I take out, isn't this ultimately a bad sign? Extremely inefficient, that's for sure. But as Brandon Sanderson always says, "Sometimes you have to write something poorly before you can write it well."  Sheesh.

Well, speaking of writing things poorly, I better make a little head way on a trainwreck of a scene that is supposed to be the big first intro to the villain. Its not going well. At this point, I think the villain is a little more interesting than the love interest. Oh, dear. 

Well, I'm off to fill the junk yard. 

Feel free to stop by this week and eat popcorn with me. Or call after 9:00. Or leave a comment about whatever show you're into that I may just need to check out.

See ya Friday.

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Stacey said...

My favorite writing teacher was one I had while lived in Alabama. Best class I ever took on writing: Reading for Writers. Anyway, he held to the motto that you often have to write 1,000 words to get to 100. Sounds like you may be on the write track. :)