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Hello there, old friend. I know its been awhile since I've been on here. I'm thankful that I don't feel the need to make excuses- we've always said we'd never apologize for being too busy living life to write about it, right? (Did we say that or did I say that and you just agreed? Or maybe you didn't agree...)

We were in Colorado and then home for busy days and then over at my folks for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Back home today and settling in. Its good to be home. 

I have a phone full of pics that is being stingy. I know, technology issues. So original.

I saw Les Miserables. And I'm not going to say anything else about it because I want that to be it's own post. OK- I'll say one more thing: it was a profound experience for me. That's all for now. 

New Years is just around the corner. Wh-what? I know. The funny thing about the whole holiday season is that you don't actually get to really ponder on a holiday you just experienced. Thanksgiving gives way to mad-dash-for-Christmas which is followed by clean-up-wrapping-paper-and-do-the-New-Years-thing. And then its back to school and life and the long cold winter. 

We have snow. Do you?

While we were gone, some AWESOME people who shall remain nameless but live in adjacent proximity to us gave us a new screen door for Christmas. They rock. You know you're an adult when the sight of a freshly installed screen door on your back porch makes your heart sing. Yep, all grown up now. "What???? A new screen door???" Break out the touchdown dance and the fist pump and the moonwalk down the icy path. Oh, yeah. Picture all that and then some. We're blessed, folks. 

I read Divergent by Veronica Roth. Not sure what to say about it. Great read that left me sad for a lot of reasons. I would kind of recommend it. If you liked the Hunger Games, then you would probably like this. I think I 'll try to write more about that at some point soon. 

Between our CO Christmas and Christmas day gathering with immediate family, we had a little Christmas celebration of our own. We read from the book, Closer to the Real Christmas Story by Jared Burkholder, and then talked about some thoughts from that reading.

Next we talked about the gift of Christ, the gift of hope he offered us, the gifts of hope and truth that we can continually offer each other. We drank hot chocolate with vanilla ice cream in it and ate cookies by candle light. Amazing how a nice row of tea lights made the snack feel so special. 

Then the kids gave each other gifts that they had picked out- and they were so excited! It was a sweet time together, just a quiet evening with a simple focus and a few fun things to make it special. Reminded me that, to kids, it doesn't need to be a big event. They love time that is thoughtful towards them and calls them (and us!) into something deeper. And it did just that.

Well, I think that is all for tonight. Hopefully we'll get the 'ol quick 5 jump started around here. Hope your holidays were meaningful and memorable. 

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Teresa said...

Glad you are back! (in more ways than one)