quick 5

Hello there, Friday. And hello to you, quick 5 reader. Let's do this.

1. We've taken to playing a bit of Just Dance on a regular basis. 

Pros:  all the kids enjoy dancing together, provides for indoor activity without people racing around the dining room table, has a workout segment that is kind of fun. 

Cons: my kids now know who Justin Bieber is, Call Me Maybe is permanently stuck in my head. 

You win some, you lose some, I guess. 

2. Conversation with the middles...

Isaac: Ella, hold this for me. You can be my butler.
Ella: What's a butler?
Me: It's someone who works for a family, takes care of their house,  and helps them do things that the people want them to do.
Ella (to me) : Oh, you're a butler!

3. We are in full planning mode for Drew's birthday party. (I would like to point out that this is due to his personality and not mine!) We have made several lists including a guest lists, menu, responsibility assignments, and a detailed costume list. That's right- the superhero party will be in costume. Drew is wavering about who he should be for this momentous occasion. Ella is planning to be the Hulk. Isaac is choosing between the Joker and Wolverine. I will be going as my favorite superhero, Becky Botsford (otherwise known as WORD GIRL). Garrett has selected his costume but it will be a surprise at the party. I'm sorry, I cannot tell you what it is. You'll just have to wait for the pics to come. But it will be epic. 

4. Just to spice things up a bit, we have been making a tour of the Omaha Public Libraries. Today we ventured out west to Millard (think super suburbia). I learned several things:

  • Apparently the Millard library is where they are storing all the kids' books. For real, people, the aisles just keep going and going. Seven copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Yep.
  • Drew stood patiently in the picture books and then finally said, "Can we go find my books now?"  My books= chapter books. I wanted to simultaneously cheer and cry. So after stocking up on Fancy Nancy and Eric Carle (they won't miss them there- trust me) and An Essential Guide to Disney Princesses that I already regret bringing home, we headed over to the fiction section where Drew picked a few Encyclopedia Brown books, one Magic Tree house, and a couple Star Wars graphic novels.
  • Tessa is at her absolute loudest when in the library. I don't really know why.
  • Librarians are cranky, even in the suburbs (possibly due to my last point.)
5. I realized that it's been awhile since I snapped a pic of all four kiddos. So with the sun shining and a long afternoon to burn, today seemed like a good day to remedy this problem. My kids detest pictures. I don't know why. To get a good picture, I have to get them all cleaned up, lined up, and ridiculously happy before I whip out the camera. And it all has to be done on the sneak, as my boys would say. So once nap time waved good-bye, I let them all pick a costume and we headed outside to play. 

We started snapping away...

Then Tessa got that look on her face..."Wait a minute...I know what you're doing here..."

And she started to make a break for it on the sneak.

So we took a break and re-positioned a few times. But by the time I had Drew take off the mask, things were going downhill fast. 

Lost Ella for a moment, Isaac made weird eyes...

And then Tess simply stood while saying "Cheeeeeese!" and walked away. 

See ya...

See ya ...using the Avenue filter

And there you go. I guess it was a semi-success. All four of them are (technically) in a picture together. But not quite what I had in mind. 

Well, that's what's up around here. Have a good one, folks. 


Teresa said...

Also at the Millard Library:

-Most comprehensive selection of videos and audiobooks for both adults and children in the entire Omaha-Metropolitan area

-Second-worst parking lot (after Willa Cather)

-Most amazing red sectionals to read upon

-Best bathrooms

-Longest line rope dividers in the entire Omaha-Metropolitan area

Uncle J said...

Are all guests expected to dress as superheroes?

Becky said...

Amen, Teresa! That place is huge. I'm serious.

Josh- costumes are optional though encouraged. (I have a superman cape that is available. Just sayin...)