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What a big week: the inauguration, National Handwriting day, Patriots got beat, and Mary Lou Retton turned 45. Sheesh, tough act to follow.

1. It is stomach flu season, a season we officially welcomed in the night this week while scraping puke from sheets. I  can sense the subtle effects of it when I am making dinner and the question is NOT "What do we have in the fridge?" but "What do I least mind cleaning up if someone vomits?" Sad but true. Hopefully, we are done with this round, but only time will tell. 

2. Quotable Quotes:

Ella: On food
Ella, suddenly looked worried during dinner: "If a cow pie is really cow poop, does that mean that shepherd's pie is really...?"

(That's a good point.)

Isaac: On personal hygiene
Ella: I'm itchy all over.
Isaac: Is your bottom itchy?
Ella: No.
Isaac: Good. Cause if your bottom is itchy it means you don't wipe good. 

(The mans says it like it is.)

Drew: On Bible truths
After reading the story of Zaccheus, Drew commented, "No wonder Zaccheus was single. Who would want to marry a short thief!" 

(He obviously grasped the point of that story so well.)

3. Isaac was proud to show me that his friend at our homeschool group had taught him how to burp on command. (This brought back many memories of when a similar situation happened in my own childhood, but in that scenario I was the grossed out younger sister.) Isaac was thrilled, proud, beaming, as he constantly swallowed air, let out a loud belch, and then followed it quick with a "Bam!". Swallow, burp, bam! He went upstairs to show his dad this new talent. I could hear him demonstrating upstairs in Garrett's office, then there was a period of silence.  Moments later, Isaac's little guy feet came springing down the steps as his awestruck voice called, "Mom, did you know dad can burp the ABC's?" So far he can only make it to E, thankfully.

4. You know what's crazy, I have not watched a  scheduled TV show (excluding NFL football) in almost a year. I've probably caught a few episodes on hulu (there was my brief stint with Emily Owens, M.D.), but other than that, I'm just kind of over TV. Maybe I'm missing something. I have been curious to check out Elementary, the new drama that places Sherlock Holmes in New York City with Lucy Liu as Watson.  But anything else, even Burn Notice (can you believe it) is kind of old news. I feel like this is really an OK development, but it just seems odd. (All of this, of course, excludes anything that falls under PBS kids. That is still airing LIVE around here.)

5. Ella (the three year old with the iron will) has made the difficult but firm decision that she will not marry. This is due to the fact that she does not believe she could EVER kiss a boy. I told her that's fine, she doesn't have to marry and she can  grow up and stay at home with me. Ella didn't like that option either, so the plan is that she will grow up, buy a bigger house that is all hers, and I can move in with her. Excellent.

In other news...

  • My firstborn will be eight next week and you can bet that is messing with my head a little.  (OK- a lot!) 
  • My laptop has been revived and would be back to me and running IF someone knew what she did with the program discs. Oh, details. Must I do everything around here, like keep track of my own possessions? I've been so irritated with myself but my husband is resigned to this reality and graciously moved on to plan B while I was still committed to dig through the basement. Laptop- pending. Sanity- questionable.
  • Speaking of a total inability to keep track of details: there has been a sock shortage in our home. This week revealed two key elements: 1) Ella stashes her socks under her bed. When I offered the kids a nickel for every sock they could find in their room, they cost me $2.00. Yep, 40 socks.  2) I also discovered that three laundry baskets in my room that I thought held other things actually held mostly unmated socks. I. am. serious. I told Garrett that someday we will wake up and our bedroom will be knee-high in socks and then we will know for sure that I have some sort of mental illness that is probably only treatable by moving somewhere tropical where we can wear flip-flops all year round. Yep, it's coming, folks.
  • Last weekend, I sent the first third of my book to five people. Jury's still out, but early results have been mostly positive. If you are one of those first third readers, THANK YOU OR please put me out of my misery and tell me what you think. The whole book-writing process has made me a little crazy (for proof, see sock story above), and I read the first friend's feedback with so much satisfaction  you would have thought it was a five star review on amazon. Sheesh. If you would like to be one of the people to read the "2/3" draft, let me know. I am becoming open to the idea of people who share my area code actually reading this thing (as long as you pretend like you haven't read it when we meet, fair enough? Just kidding...kind of. You can mention it if you don't make eye contact, deal?) So send me a message if you have buckets of free time and want to be confused  entertained  enraptured by my first attempts at novel writing. And if you know a teenager who reads- even better! Seriously, at some point a YA needs some YA input. Know what I'm saying? 
  • I've been thinking a lot this week about the fullness of life in community, life lived with others, hearts laid open, families overlapping. This is partly due to b-day planning stuff and partly due to a good dose of opening up to others lately. It's worth the push, worth the plunge. So trust Jesus and step into someone's life, invite them into yours. It doesn't need to complicated, doesn't have to be buying a house beside someone, though that's cool if you can swing it. A lot of days community (for me) looks like calling someone when I could just veg, talking when I could stew, brutal honesty when I could hoard and polish the inner stuff. But it is worth it, and Jesus will give you courage and grace for the journey. 
And that's all I have to say about that. 

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Teresa said...

That sounds like the best $2.00 you've ever spent.

You could even have one of the kids' chores be Sock Retention & Reunification.

It's all in the title.

And the nickels.