when you blink and eight years pass...

I still remember the panic I felt as we packed up to leave the hospital just eight years ago.

You mean, they're really just going to let us take this baby home? I wondered. That seemed a bit irresponsible on their part.

But there we were, heading home with a not-so-tiny newborn, driving into the adventure of life as parents.

And now he, Andrew Charles, is officially eight. 

I don't feel as shocked as I did by the turning of seven, and I'm not sure why. Sometimes I look at this guy and think, "I can't believe you're only eight." He's a bit of an old soul, our Drew.

For his birthday he got to go shopping at Toys R Us as a gift from his CO grandparents. He chose a crayon maker and a World of Warcraft action figure. These choices sum up the two sides of the him: the artist and the video gamer. (The other big hit was his set of microscope slides that he got- science is his other favorite hobby).

I'm not sure what else to say about this great kid. He's a joy, an excellent big brother, a loyal friend, and a sensitive heart. He tries so hard to please and keep harmony (not an easy task as the oldest of four rowdy 'lil ones). Ever the helper, quick to laugh and sympathize,  with a huge heart that he wears right on his sleeve.  We are in a season where we are just beginning to enjoy him so much. 

The little years are fun as their personalities emerge. But the middle years are a different kind of joy when you can actually relate and talk about the things that are really meaningful to you and your kids. We are really delighting in that reality with Drew. 

Thanks to all of you who celebrated with us, who have loved Drew over the years and the miles. 

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Nicole @ she-laughs said...

We LOVE him!!! Please give him a HUGE hug from all of us Strains!