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Hello there, folks. Congratulations on it being FRIDAY!

1. As you may have guessed, the biggest event of our last week was the birthday par-tay. It was lively. It was festive. It was downright, awesome. I realized in the midst of it that the key to throwing great parties is actually having a bunch of great people in your life. Wow. Here's some proof.

My dad as Batman.

Right click on image for save options.
Our neighbors as the Ninja Turtles and Shredder. 

My brother in a truly awesome costume as The Flash. (Once again the
party weakness was in my ability to capture it in pictures.)

The kids had a blast. Garrett did a great job with the games, which included Hawkeye's Challenge (shooting nerf darts at targets), Word Girl Wheel of Fortune, Superhero Charades, and Bad Guy Tie Up (wrap adults to a chair using toilet paper.) 

Tess added the word 'cupcake' to her vocabulary

We came. We saw. We superhero partied. 

2. I stumbled on this new blog, Entre Family Travels, that chronicles a family of six as they travel around the world for a whole year. And get this- their kids are almost exactly the same ages as ours. So four kids eight and under, treking around the world, staying a little bit of everywhere for 54 weeks? Where do I sign up???? Doesn't that sound amazing? I realize it's a radical situation and most people couldn't swing it financially (including us), but man if we could. I'd be in. All in. For real. What about you- does it sound like agony or ecstasy? Let us know in the comments.

3. Tessa is at that age. The adorable age. The danger zone. The "well, maybe we could do just ONE more" kind of age. My husband is starting to say those kinds of crazy things. Daily. Oh, dear. 

4. The Superbowl is coming at us this weekend, and I admit I don't have strong opinions about who I want to win. I'm cheering by default for the 49ers because our neighbor is a 9ers fan, but that's the extent of my loyalty.  Let's face it, the Superbowl is about the food and the commercials. And it is more fun if the game is exciting and the half time show isn't crazy. (Is it me or have the last few years halftime show been ca-razy strange?) I kind of miss the years of living overseas when we all woke up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the Superbowl. That was a lot of fun!

5. I've been at a local hospital a few times this week to visit a family member who is beginning treatment for cancer. This hospital in particular is almost haunted for me. I delivered three babies on the maternity ward and miscarried two in the ER. I walked the halls for labor, cried at empty ultrasound screens, had some of the highest and lowest moments of my life all in one building. Being there again has made me reflective and thankful and just a little achy inside. But despite the discomfort, I think it's good to be reminded of the journey, to have those things pop up that take me back a little to where we've been and remember afresh how God brought us through. So it's been good, a hard kind of good. (That would make a good title for a parenting memoir, A Hard Kind of Good.)

I guess that's it for today. Hope this Friday finds you thankful for the characters around you and reminded of the twists and turns in your own story. 

Take care. 


Stacey said...

I'm familiar with that blog, the Entre Family Travels. I read her other blog, Keeper of the Home, and learned about their trip there. I'm both terrified and intrigued at the idea; I think if we could swing it, we'd take off, too!

One question, though, what was Garrett for the party? I remember you writing earlier it was going to be "epic" and I've been waiting for photos of the party to find out. :)

Becky said...

Garrett was Tuck from the Wonder Pets :) I'll have to find a picture with him in it somewhere.

Jenni said...

I WANT to be the person that thinks traveling like that with littles would be a blast. And I know after the first adjustment period, it would be so good for everyone. But, man! It sounds hard to me. Unless I had unlimited resources and could have the kids sleep in a different room.
On another note, Levi is the same age as Tessa and I've never been more convinced that this is NOT the time for another. Perhaps ever... Different personalities maybe?

Becky said...

Jenni- it's true that sleep would be a big challenge. Although I got the vibe that their family was renting houses- a better solution than the hotel room, for sure. And as far as those crazy little 18 month olds-Tessa is a delightful combo of extremely independent (pours her own snack!) and very sweet. She's like a three year old without the attitude...yet! I don't think that is standard 18 month behavior. =)

Tawnya said...

World travel with three littles (let alone four!!) would scare me to death! Maybe that's because i haven't traveled much and so I haven't gotten a taste of how adventurous and wonderful it truly can be. And maybe the renting houses thing would be ideal....sleep is probably the biggest challenge in hopping around especially when you don't quite have enough space for everyone. AND...I'm kind of a homebody. I'd miss routine, my ktichen (albeit small:), and just hanging at home.....which I guess is kind of lame:(....but maybe it's also my way of embracing where I'm at in life anyway!

Party looked like a blast! I wanted to see YOU! Truman actually loves WordGirl...kind of funny:)