quick 5


1. Thought I'd start off with some snapshots of my house on Thursday afternoon.

On the counter: Blue tray with orange a-peel

Back door: Library basket fresh with books + Tessa's owl pack + My favorite kicks

On the desktop: Virtual post-it notes

Dining room table: Help wanted

Living room floor: Cat snoozes in clean laundry

Sofa: Fab Four watch Max and Ruby

Entryway: Branching out

What I'm reading: Book for the kid in me + Book for the mom in me
2. Have I told you about these virtual post it notes before? Basically it is a program on my computer that you just click and leave notes on your desktop. This is awesome for several reasons. a) I make lists and lose them. b) I make lists and forget them. c) I make lists and then don't really accomplish anything on them due to reasons a and b. The 'lists' on that shot actually have more to do with online things. One is a list of people who RSVP'ed for a baby shower and the other two involve my manuscript (a fix it list and a scene that hit me when doing the dishes.) I realize that my type A friends would not like these lists because you can't cross anything off- just delete. Sorry, Type A's, you'll have to press on with your real deal lists. 

3. Speaking of the book, I'm plugging away. I'm feeling a bit conflicted about the question of my two main characters and the fate of their relationship. My gut tells me they shouldn't be together, but they seem to really want to be. Can you even think of a book that you really liked when two people that you thought would get together actually didn't? No, right? Sheesh. (My husband laughs at me because he is like, "Becky- you are the author. You get to decide what they do." But it doesn't really feel that way to me. I feel more like I am meeting them and not like I am creating them. It sounds crazier as I type it so never mind.)

4. In a blur of energy and inspiration, I moved Ella back into the nursery last week. For over a year, Ella and the two boys had been jammed into the boy room. Something about it lately was feeling strained to me. I felt like the boys needed some space. So as we were cleaning rooms one day, we just picked up the toddler bed and put it right back in the girl room. Ella liked this at first; at bedtime that night she was having second thoughts. But seriously, the bedtime drama has drastically gone down. A bonus effect is that Tessa stays up later. This makes the last hour tricky BUT has served to bring back her morning nap. Holla!!!!! (yes, I did just say that. And I meant it.)  

5. While giving Ella a bath, she explained to me that she will never have children because, and I quote, "No one is gonna cut my tummy open!" I vaguely suggested that you didn't have to be cut open to have a baby and that the baby could come out through a special exit.  Ella paused, her serious little face frowning, and then demanded, "Show me." I, being the brave and authentic and forward thinking mom that I am, immediately changed the subject. (Oh, I'll get to the topic eventually. But with the three year old who likes to make announcements about such things in public? Not so much.)

I guess that's it. We have a jam-packed weekend ahead and I'm yawning just thinking about it. But that's OK. We aim for our pace to be fairly steady so that the crazy weekends don't become the norm. 

In other news, I've been on a diet that has been quite effective at curbing my appetite. It involves a large round sore on the top of my mouth that makes eating solids impossible and anything with heat (oh like, soup???) painful as well. So I guess I'll just not eat then. If you want to join me on this diet, just bring over your toothbrush and I will pass it on. (I really wouldn't- I just wanted to gross out my brother-in-law who is the Toothbrush Guardian. Did it work?)

Any favorite Superbowl commercials? The Skechers commercial where the guy chased down the cheetah was a big hit around here. 

What Valentine's day already? Who is fast forwarding this year on me?

Guess that's all for today. Hope your weekend brings laughter and time with friends and quiet moments to recharge and reflect. 

Thanks for reading!


Victoria said...

I'm reading The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson! Is that the same book? I'm finding two things: 1) I wish I owned the book instead of just borrowed it from the library, because I have to give it back in two weeks, and I'm just pounding it down. I need more time. And 2) I feel like it's the kind of book that should be read with a discussion group.

Also, I've read time and again that writers OFTEN feel like their characters boss them around. So you're not weird. You're just a writer. I hope to be bossed around by a character someday.

Also, Alaina has really been questioning how the baby is going to come out. For a long time I got away with telling her that the doctor helps me at the hospital. But now she wants to know HOW. And I don't want to tell her, simply because she will be That Girl who tells all the others at Sunday School. So if you come up with a good explanation, let me know.


Uncle J said...

The Ella conversation is so believable it is scary.......

Nicole @ she-laughs said...

I love #3. I felt like I was actually there in #5 (I think I imagined her facial expressions and voice perfectly).