a good friday quick 5

It occurred to me this morning that "Good" Friday is quite possibly the greatest understatement in human history. Amazing Friday, Friday Jubilee, Friday-that-changes-humankind-forever. But then, He looked around and said it was "good," so I guess at times He is in the business of understating. 

But perhaps it is our tendency to overstate that makes that seem true.

Either  way, I hope the goodness of this Good Friday is settling on you way down deep. 

1. Last night we had a small get-together for my sweet friend's birthday and it was lovely. Fresh chips and salsa. Beer margaritas (can I just say YUM?) A new pie in the line up (this topped with this) and board games that dwindled and died because we just actually wanted to talk. It's a deep satisfaction that comes when you look around the table and think, "Yep, I found my people. These people make sense to me and I make more sense with them." 


2. And this morning, when the kitchen was in total shambles because at 1:45 a.m. when friends left I just threw up my hands and turned out the light, it still felt so worth it. I'm thankful that a sink full of dishes (and counter full and half the island covered)  is not the end of the world, not even close. 

If you're reading this and you don't have your people, find them and then fight the urge to fit them in around your life. Community cannot be squeezed in the margins, in "when things slow down" and "once we're out of this season". Community is what you put in the center and then squeeze other things around it. Which are you doing? Is it working?

Just a thought. 

3. We've been tech-free this week, which is what we call it when we turn off the TV and the Wii and various handheld devices that light up faces as little eyes stare at them, mesmerized. And guess what? The sun kept rising, the days kept ticking away, and the kids spent A LOT of time wrestling, drawing robots, and dancing. It hasn't been all easy, that's for sure. And at 5:00 on a chilly afternoon, I hear The Wild Kratts calling my name pretty strong as I try to keep littles occupied and fix dinner. But it's been a great shift in our routine and, I think, has prepared us well to embrace Easter weekend.

4. My boys start wrestling tonight. There was a point that I thought having teenage boys under my roof was the most stressful situation imaginable, but now I picture my freckle-faced Isaac on the mats with another little kid and wonder if being in the stands and praying that this kid isn't some sort of superhuman toddler who is going to tear my boy to pieces isn't actually the most stressful reality of all. Oh, dear. Here we go.


I finally gave up on growing out Tessa's bangs. So with a few snips of the scissors (and a little screaming- mostly her) we're back to this look. Oh well, we'll try again in a few years, I guess. 

There you have it- and Easter is here. 

I loved this Sarah Bessey post, and hope to write more about that next week. But in a nutshell, it made me think of a few people and how I want to dig in and really love to the end. 

Last Saturday I visited my grandma, who seems to be just waiting in the twilight of life, and Isaac accidentally gassed himself- both topics for next week, too. 

(I'm not exactly sure why I think I'll have so much time to write next week. Maybe it's more the theoretical 'next week'.)

Hope your journey pauses a bit this weekend, and that you find rest in the shadow of the Cross. 


Victoria said...

I hope you never stop writing about how much we need to live in community, and about how our lives should revolve around community, not the other way around. This homebody introvert needs to hear it every. time.

Becky said...

Thanks, Tor. I have such great memories of our years together in community- especially year 1 at Grace. I know it isn't natural but the fact that you see that about yourself is a good thing. Keep pressing in for it! Hope you and all your family have a great Easter.