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I am happy to report that things are looking up around here. It has been over 48 hours since anyone vomited, and that's saying something. 

1. The sickness that clung to us around here was a mixture of vomiting and diarrhea. At one point, my poor eight-year old was changing his underwear (again) and I suggested that maybe he wear a pull-up diaper for the rest of the day. To this he replied, "Mom, a man has his pride." 

2. One positive side effect of being unable to do much but lay around was that we finished A MEMORY OF LIGHT!!!! At 912 pages, it was no small task. As the final book in the Wheel of Time series, there was certainly that simulataneous sigh of relief and surge of disappointment that it is, indeed, all over. (I remember feeling that with The Lord of the Rings trilogy, "I can't believe it's over!") I noticed that while we were reading it (Garrett and I have read the whole series together- I read it aloud) I was almost on fantasy lit overdose. So I prepared a small list for you so that you too can know the warning signs.

6 Signs You might have Overdosed on Fantasy Literature:

1- You refer to your favorite kitchen knife as "Sting" and your minivan as "Brego". When you upgrade cars, you call it "Shadowfax".

2- When your family is sick you call the virus The Shadow.  Dear Diary, Today marks four days since The Shadow fell on our house. 

3- When you ask your five year old what he is playing in the yard, he says that he is a warrior and the baby is his minion. (True story...sigh.)

4- Even at Christmas time, whenever you hear the word 'elf' you think of light-footed warriors, semi-celestial, in touch with nature, always good looking.

5- With a large snowstorm swooping in, you have a gut feeling that it is the presence of the White Witch. 

6- When your children do not want to share something, they refer to the coveted object as 'my precious.'

So say we all.

3. I bought a magazine last week. When was the last time that you bought a magazine? I mean, does anyone really buy magazines any more? Well, I bought an issue of Better Homes and Gardens Do-It-Yourself magazine because the Nester was a featured contributor. 

And I was happy for her. After her feature, was a lovely little DIY about all 5 ways to reinvent your wooden staircase. Wait a sec- my wooden staircase needs reinventing? I didn't know that...but I think they might be right.

Here's the staircase at present:

Just your average long flight of dark wooden steps. But what if it could be like this...

Yep, that's wall paper on the front of the steps. Oh my. I'm in love. With a flight of steps. And a cute little girl. But I have two of those, thankfully.

But then there's this one, too. A whole picture, stretching up the staircase. 

I handed my husband this picture. He wisely looked at it, nodded, said nothing, and handed it back. Smart man. 

The only thing is, I'm a little nervous about the idea of attaching wallpaper to my original wood. I mean, seriously. Has anyone attempted anything like this? Do share. 

I'm thinking of just trying the look with wallpaper but not actually gluing it at first. Maybe I could use sticky tack or something to get an idea of how it will look?

Where do you buy wallpaper, anyways? 

4. We rearranged the girls' room today. I think I  mentioned a few weeks back that the girls are sharing again now, and that has gone fairly well, all things considered. Any time you have kids sharing a room, there's going to be bumps along the way. But overall they are settling in quite nicely.

One thing I like about kids is that they don't live with a strong sense of what they don't have. The girls room is fairly small, probably 12' x 10' (maybe smaller? I'm estimating-challenged when it comes to space). When you put a crib, toddler bed, dresser, and toy storage- it's full, just shy of bursting. I had to stand outside the door to get a picture of the opposite corner.

But you know what? The girls don't know that it's small. They only know that it's purple and it has butterflies and in their own beds they can reach each other to squeeze hands and they like to 'party down' during room time. 

There's a little corner where Tessa rocks in her favorite rocking chair and Ella likes to move toys around and declare things 'lovely' or 'boy stuff'. 

And bears and kittens are constantly declared their babies who need to go down for a nap.

It reminds me of that saying, that happiness is not having all you want, it is wanting what you have. And these two ladies want every square inch of that room, and they want to be in it together. 

Isn't that the trick- embracing your life, counting it a gift, loving that you get to walk it with people who matter to you? I have so much to learn from my little people! It makes sense that Jesus said we should be more like them. 

(I wish I had a picture of the boys' room in its current condition. It's a disaster. A large tote of books was dumped out so that bin could be used for *other* purposes-we won't go into that as I'm sure you're tired of hearing about life under The Shadow.  So it needs some help. But once they saw the girls' room, they were kind of inspired to get their room straightened up. So maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not. We'll see.)

5. Sheesh, do I really need a fifth one? I feel like I used up all my words on the others. So I'm just going to say...welcome to the world Baby Bria and baby Heath! Glad you both had a safe arrival. Now sleep like you mean it. Seriously. 

Well, hope your weekend comes and goes with peace, laughter, and the kind of time passing that makes you feel richer.  I am thankful for Fridays, for Sabbaths, for days to work and days to rest. 

Rest up, friends. But have a little fun in there, too. 



Anonymous said...

Ah thanks! Baby Heath appreciated the welcome. :-) - Rachel

Erica said...

No need to wallpaper the steps, especially for something you're not sure is permanent. Do the fabric and starch combo. I've done it with small decals on my wall and it lasted at least 2 years. http://www.pistachioproject.com/2012/04/diy-fabric-wallpaper-and-fabric-wall.html