quick 5

Friday and sunshine on the same day. Lovely.

1. This afternoon, Ella has her first ballet class. She is over the top excited, though I'm not sure she truly understands what she is even doing. She said to me before her nap, "I can't wait for ballet. I hope my team wins." Hmmmm...

2. I have so many partially read books on my night stand, it's kind of out of control. Last weekend I did read May B. by Caroline Starr Rose. But the common thread between all the half read books is the genre: non-fiction. I dunno why, but once I get the basic idea of a non-fiction book, I'm bored. I'm either in or I'm out. I get it or I don't agree. And then I don't have any motivation to read the rest. It seems like they're just making the same point over and over. I know that's not true, it just seems that way. But I have vowed not to start another {non-fiction} book until I finish the ones beside my bed. That could be awhile. 

Anyone else struggle to finish books?

3. Next weekend is our state's annual homeschool conference. I had been planning to go, and so I opened up the conference itinerary to figure out the details and scope out sessions. I was surprised. Of all the workshops listed (and there were probably over thirty), there were only three or four that actually interested me. I'm at a place in life where I don't want to listen to information that I feel like I can access from home. So all the workshops about running a house and saving money and organizational stuff- that information is available to me. I'm also not interested in the workshops where people are selling me products (which seemed like almost a third of the options). So that lead me to the question, what do I want from a homeschool conference? I realized that I want a) to hear from people who value a high standard of education, not just a home education, b) some vision casting, some big picture perspective on the dailiness of it all, and c) ideas on how to help my children engage the world around them.  I'm not sure if there are conferences out there that speak more to these things, if this year's line-up just doesn't meet me where I'm at, or if maybe this conference isn't the place for me any more. Guess time will tell. 

4.  Speaking of homeschooling, I thought this article was interesting, 18 Reasons why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool their Children

5. We finished our Classical Conversations school year and I felt myself let out a huge sigh of relief. It's a great thing for us, don't get me wrong, but it does add a lot of extra to our rhythm  So we are done with that for the school year and working to finish up on our math and reading.

Five days into The Big Push to finish the book, and here's the update:
Word Count: 48,649 (126 pages in a word document)
Total hours in April: 8.5 (but I still have the weekend- though 15 hours for the week is probably not realistic with this weekend ahead)
Personal level of angst: 2 out of 10
Belief that I will finish this month: 6 out of 10
Major question in my head: How to get my main character out of a tight spot in a way that is genius and believable. 
Favorite chapter: Letters
Issue I'm losing sleep over: Will they end up together or not? I dunno. This needs to be decided stat. 

There you have it.  Planning to keep plugging away next week and have an extended time next weekend to catch up. So that's that. 

Hope your have a warm and springy weekend!

L8R, SK8R!


Uncle J said...

Love your comments on non-fiction....any non-fiction I finish becomes a favorite as anythingI don't really enjoy goes back on the shelf. Looking forward to reading the book this summer!!!!

Katie T. said...

Have you heard of the Teach them Diligently Conference? It's at the end of May and sounds like more what you're looking for?

Becky said...

Josh- glad to know I'm not alone in my ho-hum vibe towards non-fiction. And thanks for your enthusiasm about the book =)

Katie- I did hear about that conference a year ago when it was announced. From the vague descriptions early on I couldn't really get a good feel on what it was about. Thanks for the reminder- I'm going to read up on it and see if it is a good fit. Are you planning to go???