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I know it's Friday night and I'm just getting this up, but my new writing routine is seriously cramping my quick 5 style. But here we are- better late than never!

1. I have some great pics of the girls that I don't want to forget. (Yes, I do have sons. But they don't pose for pictures like my girls do.) So here are some shots of the last few weeks. 

Ella's first day at ballet- LOVED it!

Tessa Jo- is it me or is my little girl becoming more girl and less little?

Coloring! All by herself!

Easter dresses

2. I've been reading Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist, and it's lovely. It's a book about connecting around the table, about the ways that food brings us together, and how our lives can slow down to truly meet each other when we open our homes to connect in that way. I read it with a nodding head, with a voice that is saying "Yes and yes and yes" over and over. Here a few of my favorite quotes so far...

"This isn't about recipes. This is about a family, a tribe, a little band of people who walk through it all together, up close, in the mess, real time and unvarnished." (pg. 31)

"I'm not talking about cooking as performance, or entertaining as a complicated choreography of competition and showing off. I'm talking about feeding someone with honesty and intimacy and love, about making your home a place where people are fiercely protected, even if just for a few hours, from the crush and cruelty of the day." (pg. 41) 
Those are some of my favorites so far, but there's so much more there. It is inspiring me and giving me dreams of a summer full of grilling and fresh pie and outdoor eating and kids running around. I really do love life around the table, have loved it for a long time. And I want to try to find ways to make space for that again. 

3. I started watching the Lizzie Bennet diaries, a modern-day retelling of Pride and Prejudice using social media (videos, tumblr, twitter accounts for all the characters.) I watched the first twenty episodes (they're a few minutes each) while doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Then I just got tired of waiting and watched episodes 96-100. I really liked the main character, but the whole thing left me feeling kind of blah. I should have anticiipated this, because that's the way I feel about EVERY P & P knock-off. But I wanted to know for myself. I wouldn't really recommend it, though if you are a big P & P fan, you might be interested in how they pull it off. And the quality of production is good. 

Random note: any friend from my GU days have a vibe about who Lizzie lookes like? Just sayin...

4. We did a homeschool re-boot this week, a final push to the end that I mentioned a bit in my homeschool post. And it feels good. The kids are excited to have some clear goals ahead (weird, huh?). And I feel more focused, more dialed in to what we are really aiming to accomplish in the rest of the year. If the cold weather stays, we may finish early! But once the sunshine comes, I know there will be so many days where we'll want to hit the zoo or do school outside or any other reason to enjoy the sun. Which is fine by me. 

5. We're watching this season of The Voice, and who knew I'd be such a fan of Shakira! She's darling. Adorable. Oh my word, you just want to hug her. All that, and her hips don't lie, so that's a bonus. 

Let me just say, I'm so humbled by how people have been so gracious in regards to my attempts to finish this book. Thanks for asking about it and sending messages to check in and the way that you make me feel like this isn't a ridiculous thing to be attempting. I need that, and I'm so thankful. 

Twelve days into The Big Push to finish the book, and here's the update:

Word Count: 68,846 (186 pages in a word document) 
Total hours in April: 24- not bad!
Personal level of angst: 4 out of 10
Belief that I will finish this month: 7 out of 10
Belief that it will be any good: No comment. 
Major question in my head: The romance question- again. (sigh) 
Favorite chapter: Hospital
Issue I'm losing sleep over: Details about the ending, how much to wrap up, how much to just let dangle. I like closure-  but not all wrapped up in a neat package, you know?

I wrote 20,000 words this week. Isn't that nuts? I've learned that, in a perfect world, I would (1) write for three hours in total silence while just sipping water, then (2) I would take a break and eat french fries. Then go back to step 1. Repeat. Seriously. If I could do that for awhile, I would write books (and gain weight!) in record time. It's my creative mojo at its best. Oh dear. 

I would love to write all the way through to the ending and do a quick edit of the last third by this Tuesday. Then I will print it, read through it on a hard copy so I can scribble away and not stare at the computer, and then make final changes. 

Is this really happening? Who knows- but it's a day at a time. 


Today my brother is celebrating 7 years being seizure-free! That is such a gift, such a wonderful road mark to be at, and I am so thankful to God for working that out in his life. 

Congratulations, Josh!

Hope you all have weekend with some time to laugh, some time to create, and maybe some time to connect around a table...? Just a thought. 

See ya. And thanks for reading. 

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Jenni said...

Oh man! I love The Voice. And I'm totally surprised how much I like Shakira too! She's way more interesting to watch than Christina. AND I just ordered Bread and Wine. Have you read her other stuff? Good words. I have big dreams about cooking clubs and drinking wine and I haven't even started the book.