quick 5

It's snowing in April.

I'm not all like, "Oh, no! OMG!" and I'm not all, "Yes! This rocks my socks off!"

I'm more like (open back door) "Oh, it's snowing. Guess we won't run errands." (Close back door.)

That's it. Now that you know how we're dealing with the snow- on to the quick 5. 

1. The Catching Fire trailer is out (book 2 of the Hunger Games trilogy). Did anyone else notice that the whole trailer only covers the very beginning of the book? Please don't tell me they are stretching this out even more. Maybe it's meant to be intriguing, but it seemed kind of dull to me. 

2. Remember that time I wrote about how I was inspired to hope by a brilliant book I read and then the author COMMENTED ON MY BLOG???? That was unexpected. And amazing. I may or may not have freaked out just a little. Thank you so much, Mr. Tolkien (just kidding- it wasn't Tolkien, obviously. But you can click over and read the comments to see the kind words from Caroline Starr Rose.)

3. When I mentioned the goal to finish writing my draft, several folks e-mailed and said they were praying for me. Then my girls started sleeping later in the morning. Seriously. It's not crazy later, but it is closer to 7 than 6, so that is extra lovely. No one ever tells you that if you want your kids to sleep in, you should write a book and ask your friends to pray! Secret's out now...

4. I've been thinking about kindness. Kindness as a posture towards others, kindness as a resolution, kindness as a disposition. Not kindness as {just} a feeling or a practice. Today the kids and I were talking about this idea, and I found myself saying, "You can be kind even when you're angry." Something about that felt a little revolutionary. You can be kind when you're frustrated, when you're sad, when you're tired. You can be kind when the baby didn't sleep or the husband is working nights or when you entirely disagree with a point that someone else is making. All of that is possible because kindness is actually a position that your heart takes, a focus on others, a desire to respect and honor them, an attempt to imitate God and value their worth at all times. Wouldn't that be something to raise kids who are genuinely, thoroughly kind? Heck, wouldn't it be miraculous for them to grow up with a mother who is kind? That hope is brewing and I'm trying to move into it instead of run scared. Trying. 

5. Here's a few things to read around the web...
Well, there you have it. 

And as for the book- I'm pushing but I'm feeling it. I look forward to writing less each day, feel like the 'creative well' is starting to run dry. But I'm pressing on. 

And as for the specifics as of day 18...

Word Count: 76.098 (I'm close...so close...really)
Total hours in April: 36 hours.
Personal level of angst: 8.5 out of 10
Belief that I will finish this month: 4 out of 10
Question always in my mind:Whose terrible idea was this?
Reality I am fighting: I'd rather be doing anything else. 

But that's just how it goes, eh? I know I'm close and that should be encouraging. I'm not sure why it isn't at this point!

Anyways, stay warm and savor the chill a bit, if you can, and know that spring will come...eventually. 

See ya, friends. 

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Tawnya said...

Thanks for your words on kindness!!! I'm pressing into this (as He's pressing it into my thick skull), too!