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Hey there, Friday. Good to see ya. 

1. Tessa is almost 21 months. This is the age of opinions and ideas, of preferences so strong that she would really rather not eat at all all than not eat with her favorite spoon. And what does she want on that favorite spoon?

Peanut butter. Straight from the jar. Spoonful after spoonful. She would probably eat it like a bowl of ice cream if I let her. If I put it in a sandwich, she spends the entire lunch scraping it off the bread, muttering at me under her breath. "Just a spoon. With peanut butter. Is that really so complicated?" At least that's what it sounds like. She's a handful and a headache and ball of fun. 

2. You know that you're old when an addition of new shoe storage seems noteworthy. But that's just this season of life, I guess. 
Thrift shop find- $9.00. Lovin' it.

3. I saw this Pentatonix video and had to give it a shout out. It's called the Evolution of Music and it's a four minute ride from the 1500's to the present (I know a lot more of the songs before 2000- which makes me a big dork, I think.)

I also love the opening five seconds of this commercial when the minivan knocks over the tailgating table. I don't why it cracks me up so much. It just does. 

And of course, my favorite commercial ever. "I once woke up with a pea in my mouth."

4. It's warm. And we are outside. For the next four months. Yahoo!

5. I'm so tired and running out of words so I'm going to skip to the...

On Tuesday afternoon, I rewrote my ending and hit print. (OK, technically I took it somewhere to print it, but you get it, right?)

I left Office Depot with this on the seat next to me.

245 pages. I just kept looking at it. Surprised.

Then that night I cracked it open, determined to begin my read through where I would double check things. At chapter 2, I realized that it was much more of an accomplishment that I had realized. I actually managed to write the World's Worst Book- without knowing it. 

On my first try.

Kind of discouraging. 

So I stopped reading at Chapter 5 and tried not to think about it. 

Wednesday night I picked it up again and read through to chapter 14. I was so relieved that it actually gets a lot better at chapter 7. (Interestingly enough, chapters 2-5 were the only original chapters left from NaNoWriMo- the first month of writing.)

Thursday night I read the rest. It's marked up, scribbled on here and there, ready for a final fix. It needs more work but I feel it getting close. 

I think I 'm thrilled but a little too tired to feel thrilled.

But I'm thrilled. 

I think. 

So there you have it. A few days left in April so I might make it this month. We'll see!

(Special thanks to my husband and my mom who have been pulling extra kid duty to help me write!)

Well, I hope your weekend has something to look forward to, something to move into, and someone to welcome.  We are starting our Extreme Yard Makeover, attending a small group all-nighter (kids included!), and who knows what other adventures will fill in the gaps.

Catch ya later, friends. Have a good one. 

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