a book update...among other things

Summer is here. With rain. Summer and rain is a combo that I don't mind so much. Especially not the  days when the kids are doing this...

Art school. If you have kids who like to draw AT ALL, do yourself a favor and find some Ed Emberley books. Seriously, you will thank me. And Ed. You'll probably thank Ed more, but at least I introduced you. 

Anyways, day three of summer break and we are living it up.

Strep throat? Check.

Muddy yard? Check.

Zero sunshine? Check.

But the sun will come and I'll wish it away, so for now I am just counting my blessings and enjoying the cool days.

In other news...

I wrote a book. I kind of enjoy saying that out loud, it feels almost like a joke or a punchline. But I did write it and have been so thankful for the feedback (good and bad) as people read it. The funny thing is, after spending so long with the characters, when other people read it is almost like introducing my friends to my other friends.

"Cam and Macy, this is my neighbor, Veronica. Veronica, this is Cam and Macy."

Sounds crazy. I know. But then someone pointed out that it is that way with books they've read, that when other people read the same books you feel like you have mutual friends. So then I felt less crazy. 

I entered a Pitch contest, which you know all about if you follow the quick 5. Yesterday, results were posted for the top 10. I finished in the 2-5 category, so I will get an agent review of my first chapter. Looking forward to it!

Also on the book front, I was contacted over the weekend by a contest administrator. She said one of the agents wanted to read more of my manuscript and had requested a query, synopsis, and more pages. I was freaking out...a little....or maybe a lot. So that is sent off and we'll see where that goes. 

And I started writing a new book last night. I couldn't help it. The idea hit me and I fell in love with it and there was nothing to be done but start writing. It isn't a sequel; it's a completely different story. So that will be a nice distraction for the summer. 

Guess that is all for today. How's your summer going? Is it rainy in your neck of the woods? Catch ya Friday!


Victoria said...

I will now refer to you as my writer friend. :) Congratulations on the contest! Excellent news.

Also, do you remember how much crap you used to give me and Kristy for talking about Todd and Christy of the Christy Miller series like they were real? "Stop talking about them like they are real people!" you'd yell. Well, can we get a little vindication now? :)

Becky said...

Tor- It is HILARIOUS that you bring up Todd and Christy because I was actually going to use that as an example for this idea. Then the paragraph got too long and I nixed it- so, yes, total vindication.

Tawnya said...

Congrats on the book news! SO happy for you Becky!