quick 5

Hello from Florida! We are winding up our vacation down south and flying home in the morn. But in the mean time, here's the quick 5!

1. In six days we've seen Disney (Magic Kingdom), Gatorland, Legoland, and spent quality time in the resort pools, outlet mall, 7-11, Starbucks, and Target. Tonight my mom asked Ella what was her favorite part? She replied, "The bathtub." Our hotel room has a large jacuzzi, which apparently is better than all the other things combined. Ah, to be four. 

2. One recurring theme of the week was roller coasters. Isaac (5) officially made his transition to the "big" group and hung with the guys, riding his first roller coasters at the Magic Kingdom. Two days later, Ella (4!) decided she, too, was ready for roller coasters. And off she went. And she loved it. 

Waiting in line for the Coastersaurus
Re-enacting Ella's first ride
3. Did you watch the final episode of The Office? We watched it together last night and I found it sad but satisfying. It's hard to believe that it's over, you know?

4. I've had a song (When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars) in my head for the last few days. The melody is catchy, and the chorus seems to be stuck on repeat or something, but it's more than the tune that grabs me. It's a song about regret, as the singer reflects on how he should have valued a relationship when he had the chance. Regret is a powerful thing. I've heard people say things like "I have no regrets". I've seen the pithy saying "Live with no regrets". But for me- I have regrets. And I like to live with them; I think of them as old friends. Not because I want to harbor or wallow in them, but because I want to remember the fact that I've made choices that I don't want to repeat. My regrets remind me that I'm not perfect, that my choices matter, and that I don't want to repeat those choices. 

5. Tessa has gone on a sleep strike while on vacation. It's been hard, because for several nights we've been up A LOT. But, in some ways, it's good, too. My kids have always been megasleepers, kiss 'em good night and then see them ten hours later. But to have a small bout with a night time battle reminds me to not take it for granted AND to have compassion when people talk about the sleepless nights. I'm hoping that being back in her own room will break this cycle.

Last week I expressed some ambiguity over what exactly I am doing on the blogosphere. Thanks to those of you who responded in different ways- it was helpful! I haven't really settled on a certain direction (hasn't been the best week for contemplation and decision making!) but it's still at the forefront of my mind.

I also mentioned last week that I had entered a summary and piece of my book in a contest called Pitch +250. Last week, I made the first cut to Top 50. This week I made the Top 25. Each Sunday in May, the contest will move ahead. So this coming Sunday (5-19) the top 10 will be listed (and I think the actual entries published on that site?). Those ten entries will then be reviewed and scored by agents who will rank them. The following Sunday, the final rankings will be posted.The 'prizes' are input from other writers and agents, which would be so helpful at this stage in the game with a mostly-finished draft.  (You can read about the contest here, see the top 25 here, or, if it's after May 19, check on the Top 10 here.) 

Here's a few more vacation shots...

Rapunzel, Ella, Tess, and Fiona

My niece, Harper Grace. Happy 1st birthday!

Just relaxing in Florida

Have a great weekend, folks!

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Jenni said...

No pressure, but I really appreciate reading your words and OFTEN find encouragement and inspiration to do this mom-wife-friend-Christian-thing. I relate to so much of what you say and have never felt a lot of the junk and baggage that comes from other blogs (not necessarily their fault). I feel like you're honest and don't just highlight the pretty stuff but you also provide encouragement to fight for what's good and right and better than status quo. Thanks for putting yourself out there.