quick 5

How do you know when a princess is in the trampoline? Glass slippers on the steps, of course.
Hello, world. Or internet. Or whoever is reading this quick 5. Hope your Friday started well and ends even better. 

1. With Google reader going the way of the dinosaurs, I've been on the hunt for a new blog reader. A blog reader, in case you don't know, is a way to sync up all the blogs you want to read so that they come to one place. Then you can browse the posts, similar to a magazine, and read the ones you want to read. I follow about fifteen blogs. This doesn't mean I read every post- it just means that they are blogs that I have found helpful or inspiring at some point, so I skim for titles that seem relevant. I've started using a reader app called Feedly and I really like it. It looks like this on a phone.

Photo source
You can customize the names of your folders as well as the layout and look. I'd recommend it if you're looking for an alternative to reader or looking to simplify your online reading. Some of my current favorite blogs are Chatting at the Sky, Jen Hatmaker, and Nesting Place. 

2. We're wrapping up the school year. (Do you have a sense of deja vu when I say that? Because I feel like I've been saying that for weeks. But I think I mean it this time. I think. Mostly.) I've been focused on helping the boys complete their math and handwriting, and Ella has been left to entertain herself mostly. Today she bopped into the kitchen and proudly displayed this picture she had drawn for me. 

I asked her about the black things. She replied, as if stating the obvious, "Quarter notes. I wrote you a song!" 

3. I'm cutting down on caffeine and I am feeling it. I mean, really feeling it. Like the kind of feeling it where you just close your eyes periodically in the day because it feels good to have them closed.  Unfortunately my caffeine-cutting has coincided with my girls' wake up early parties. (I cheered today when they both slept til 6.) The pairing is a little harsh, to put it mildly. Brutal, to put it honestly. Difficult but not that big of a deal, to put it realistically. So, yeah, that's what the mornings are like around here. I feel like kids should have a sense that when they wake up before PBS kids even comes on, they are just up too early. Even PBS doesn't think kids should be awake then. My girls don't seem moved by this argument. 

4. As homeschooling winds down for the year, we are looking to summer with grins and little claps. Ahead of us we have a trip to Colorado (which is three weeks away but is already on a countdown), Classical Conversations practicum (known around here as CC Camp- which is free, by the way. If you have a practicum in your area and are interested in the classical model of education, you should check it out!), our dear friends' wedding, birthday festivities for #2 and #4, July 4th, Summer reading program, a rumor about getting chickens, a manuscript to revise and query (maybe), homeschool prep for next year, and a lot of summer food to cook. So that's what is on my radar. 

How about you? Looking forward to something this summer?

5. We took a quick trip to Penzey's Spices yesterday, leaving Isaac behind for some one-on-one time with dad. Once we came out of the store and buckled in, Drew said from the back seat, "I can't wait to get home. I sure miss Isaac." And my heart squeezed tight inside me for a sec. I love that my kids are so close, that this crazy homeschool journey has paid off already in the way that they enjoy and value each other. It really is so special...and nuts...but special. 


Been thinking a lot about Moore, Oklahoma, this week. I went to high school there (at Westmoore High) and, though I don't have many friends still there, I know many of their families are there. Crazy what can happen in an afternoon, in forty minutes, from wind alone. 

I've been giving updates on the book contest- so here's the latest. Last Sunday I made the top 10. You can click here to see the list and read my entry. Final results this Sunday. 

Well, that's all she wrote. Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely Friday!


Victoria said...

I am irrationally, illegitimately proud of you and your story, as if I had anything to do with it. :) Congratulations!

Becky said...

Tori- thanks so much, friend!

Katie T. said...

I love your story about Drew missing Isaac. I pray that will be one of the fruits of our homeschooling journey for our kids. When is the practicum? How do I find out more about it, Becky?

Keri said...

I just love how you write. Love all the little stories about your kids. Inspires me to pay more attention. I think I am lately! Also, AMAZING job making the top 10!! I am not just saying this, but I am not surprised. Seriously.