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Once again, Friday has found us. Welcome. 

1. This morning the kids are painting as the littlest plays in her crib and defies nap time snoozes. We've been in a nice rhythm of doing activities together during the time we used to do school. Drawing, puzzles, reading books, whatever. It starts the day out well. Then in the late morning, the kids head outside and the baby gets up and I start on lunch. The Summer Reading program will start this weekend, and then it will be ALL about the book count around here. Drew (8) is focused, primed, intense. Isaac (almost 6) seems more interested than years past. Ella (4), in a classic attempt to set herself apart, hasn't decided if she is going to do Summer Reading. She may not have the time for it, you know. 

2. There's always a lot of talk about summer reading lists- and rightly so, I guess. In theory, it's the season where life slows down and you sit by the pool or on the deck with a book and some peach schnapps your drink of choice. But are there really people out there making these lists, I mean, really? I have a bit of an allergy towards lists in general,so I find it hard to believe the average Joe Shmoe is making a list of books to read this summer. Where would you put this list? Do you really cross things off? Do you read them in order? These things are a mystery to me. 

If you happen to be a list-maker and are working on your summer reading list, I've heard good reviews of the Summer Reading Guide over at Modern Mrs. Darcy.

3. Awhile back, we were stuck in a rut of watching a Max and Ruby DVD. One episode in particular stuck with Ella, the story of Ruby's lemonade stand. It became a ritual that Ella would play lemonade stand whenever she was in the bathtub. Having seen the show a few times, she knew it by heart, and would add imaginary ingredients to her large plastic cup: lemons, ice, sugar, and just a hint of mint. Since then, she has expanded her repertoire and it's becoming less like a lemonade stand and more like a bar. This was confirmed when I poked my head in the bathroom to check on things, and Ella called, "Mom! Sit down! Let me mix you a drink."  Um....?

(When she asks if I want it 'on the rocks', an intervention will follow. I promise.)

4. I didn't make it to the national homeschool conference that is being hosted here in Omaha. I wonder if I'll regret that, but for right now and my crowd and our week- it just felt like a bit much. And there are times when I can do a bit much, but right now my husband is doing a BIT much in regards to his work. And a bit much + a bit much = way too much. So I let it pass, and I'm really OK with that. 

But I've been thinking a lot about homeschooling and the challenge and the thrill and the drama.. Overall, I think we made progress this year but I still want our days to include a little more. One of the things we have honed in on is our Bible memory, and I'm so thankful that we have the time to do that as a family. (If you're new around here, I've posted before on the how and why of scripture memory, part 1 and part 2.)

This spring we memorized 1 Cor. 13, and I talked a little bit about how that changed me as I went over those words each day. Here's a video of Ella at the finish line, saying the whole chapter with a few slip ups at the end. (Which is fine! Don't ask for perfection, just effort and discipline.)

5. And here's some shots of life around here. 

Dinner off the grill. Have you ever grilled bread? Let's talk about this some time. 

Viking Voyage by Drew

First outdoor dinner of the year! Great weather,  lovely guests. Delightful. 

My four: Drew, Isaac, Tess, and Ella
Well, that's it for the week, folks. Have a good one!


Uncle J said...

Apparently the video of Ella isn't for everyone......

Becky said...

Hmmmm...I'll try to troubleshoot that during naps. Thanks for the heads up.

Mel Carnegie said...

Oh my goodness, I forget how much I love your family sometimes. :)
I can see so much of you and Garrett in your children's faces (and personalities). Ah, and the video of Ella...I just love hearing children quote Scripture.It's one of my favorite things to listen to...right up there with children's laughter. You are a blessed woman!

Keri Misawa said...

I've watched Ella's video twice and will watch it more! She is SO adorable!!!! I am reminded to get back on the scripture memory with my kids!