when ella turned 4

Four years ago today, Ella Renee was born

And I'm not sure what else to tell you. 

Meeting sister

I would tell you that raising girls is easier than boys, but that would be a lie. 

Cousin Addie and Ella-  born six days apart!

I would tell you that there is an intuition that kicks in, that being mom to a girl has an inherent ease because you share the same gender. But...not so much. 

So what can I tell you, really, about this four year old? 


She is kind, funny, sassy, and sweet- any of those and all of those- when she wants to be. 

Stitches round 1
She loves people, travelling, dressing up, and snuggling with her dad. 

Tooth Fairy (17 months)

She changes her clothes at least twice a day, not because the first choice was wrong, but because she feels "like wearing something else now."

She adores shoes, jewelry, and dresses. 

She hates jeans and PBJ's. 

She likes to make a 'project' each day. And if it involves glitter, even better. 

19 months

She loves to go to the doctor, the dentist, and the "poke lady" who tests her iron at her health checks. For both of her stitches, she sat completely still without being held, tied, or sedated. 

Turning 2
The strength of her will is a force of nature. When she wants something, she leans towards it, almost by instinct. When she wrestles her brothers, she is most likely the one to be too rough. She never surrenders (though she bites on occasion.)

She is an adoring little sister, though if you call her that, she will tell you that Tessa is the little sister and she is the medium one. 


As a personality that is never quite sure what I want, Ella's clarity of mind is astounding. She knows what she wants (and how and when and who should get it for her.) 

She also teaches me that beauty for beauty's sake is really OK. She loves dresses because they make her feel lovely. She loves jewelry that sparkles in the mirror. She loves the prism in the window that makes rainbows and the meals when I put a tablecloth on top of the island. All of those things (and dozens more) make her breath catch and her little voice release a "Ooooh! Preettttty!"

Ella loves her people, has a bit of an exclusive circle. She's not a "All are welcome! I love everybody!" She's more of a slow warm, a quiet watcher as she first meets people. But when she has embraced someone, she will constantly celebrate them and express to them how much she loves them. I think I could learn a thing or two about that. 


The boys insist they may never move out on their own; they may even tear up if you bring it up. But not Ella, she will tell you that in thirteen years her daddy is gonna teach her how to drive. Then she's gonna buy her own house and fix meals and we can come eat there and she will visit us. But she'll have her own house. This is all very matter of fact, mind you. 

Recently in a discussion about cuss words (sparked by the word "dam" in Ice Age) I told the kids that when they grow up they will have to decide for themselves what kind of language they will use. But right now, mommy and daddy get to decide. Ella replied, "When I have my own house, I'll probably say dam. But when I come back to visit you, I won't say it."  Well, thank you, three year old.

When asked what she's afraid of, she will say something like, "I'm afraid that when I get big and have my own car and drive around the world, I'll get lost and won't know how to find you."

She is fascinated by power, and has an instinct about it that is interesting. As we read The Magician's Nephew last winter and are working through The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Ella has been taken with Jadis, the character who becomes the White Witch. 

When she said that Jadis was her favorite character, Isaac protested, "But she's evil!"

Ella replied, "I know, but she's beautiful and strong!" Something about her appreciates power and strength in others, and I'm interested to see how that plays out in her. I sense (and have experienced!) that she will have a powerful personality, and I pray for wisdom to help her use that for good and truth and life. 


"I'm mommy's daughter but I'm daddy's girl."

"I don't think I could marry a man who doesn't love books."

"I'm not little, I'm medium!"

"Tessa come to sister. Sister always helps you." (said several times a day!)

"I know that book isn't true, but I can't help thinking that Aslan is real."

So there you have it. We are four years into an adventure that is shaping all of us. I can't imagine our house without her ideas and her explosion of dress up clothes and her sisterly ways. 

What a delight. What a ride. What a special little medium lady. 

Happy Birthday, Ella. 


Ruth said...

What a wonderful recap of Ella! All so true by my observations. Happy Birthday, Ella!

Derrick, Shelbie, kai, Addalyn and Eli said...

Love this post....could envision so many of your words! Happy Birthday Ella! We love you!

Keri Misawa said...

You describe your children so well. I got teary reading her fear of losing you while driving around the world!