quick 5

I'm staring at a blinking cursor and I haven't typed any numbers yet. This seems like a bad sign. 

1. When I went to write this, I realized that this was post #601. It's hard to believe I've written that many posts on this little blog. It reminded me of this...

Yep, that about sums it up. 

2. The kids and I were planning to head out on a road trip to visit family this weekend. However, our family is on alert to evacuate due to the Colorado fires- so that may be postponed. Have you been watching the coverage of those fires, the way the wind can be so brutal, the way one major fire circled back and burned over an already charred area? Oh, man. Praying for Colorado and all our family and friends there.

3. I got my agent critique back and I don't want to talk about it. Or, more honestly, I want to talk about it but I don't know what to say. So I'll keep turning that over and try to write something about it soon eventually.

4. We went berry picking today. Now I have six pounds of ripe strawberries sitting on my counter. Suggestions?

5. Well, you can take this quick 5 as proof that we all have off days and sometimes you have to just admit it. Running low on ideas and even lower of caffeine, so I'll sign off with a simple thanks for stopping by and the best of wishes for a lovely weekend!



Stacey said...

Hope the critique was helpful, at the least!

Jamie said...

Strawberry Freezer jam. Super easy, super yummy and something all kiddos can help you with.