quick 5

Hello there, Friday. Good to see you!

1. Yesterday we wrapped up our three day parent practicum for our local Classical Conversations community. I was in a training role this year, helping the tutors prepare for the coming year, and I am exhausted. It was fun and meaningful and a blast to be with such a great group of ladies. I ran into old friends and made a few new friends and had several satisfying moments where pieces really clicked into place. And now it's over and there is a relief settling over me that I can only describe as my soul exhaling. 

2. The funny thing about homeschooling and me is that we are kind of like that couple in high school that insists they aren't dating. Who, us? Oh, yeah, we're just friends. We're getting to know each other. Interested but not committed. At least that's how I talk. I say things like, "We're taking that decision a year at a time", but I think, in reality, homeschooling is becoming part of our family culture. It doesn't feel like a yearly decision; it feels like a way of life that we have embraced. And that feels good...and scary...but mostly good. 

3. I found this pinterest board called My Imaginary Well-dressed Toddler, in which a woman curates a set of pictures around her (pretend) stylish toddler, Quinoa. If you have a few minutes, scroll through this board, read the captions, and just giggle to yourself at the ridiculousness of it all. It's mockery at its finest, and it's funny. I promise. 

4. Last week I read "The Fault in our Stars" by John Green. This YA book is the story of two teenagers who meet at a support group for kids with cancer. The book is charming. Simple. Complicated. Gut-wrenching. But light, somehow. But, oh, the dialogue! Several times I was laughing out loud at the witty dialogue. I'm such a sucker for good dialogue, what can I say? The book has been contracted for a movie but I have my doubts with all that. But still, if you have the chance, it's a good read. 

5. Tomorrow we will celebrate 11 years of marriage. We are taking a new approach and scheduling a day of celebration with our kids. We feel like they are old enough to hear this story, to understand why the day we got married shaped us all, and to remember and praise God for the decade together. I'm not sure what to expect, how well the kids will be able to wrap their minds around it, but it's worth a shot. (Considering the fact that whenever they see our wedding picture, the #1 question is still "Where am I?" they may not be able to be excited if it's not about them.) But what a chance to tell the our story, to pass down their history, to let them sink their little roots into the day our family formed in hopes that it might strengthen their understanding of who they are.  I'm excited, and I'll let you know how that goes. 

I'm cooking up a plan for July; a crazy, quiet, clear-the-mind-kind-of plan that is getting me all pumped up. I'm hoping to write over the weekend and tell you about that. 

My laundry is so out of control, it's shocking. Even for me. Just thought I'd share that.

July 4 is next week. Total denial, right here. 

I am over this summer weather. Not complaining, mind you, just totally over it and ready for cool weather. That's all I'm saying. 

Well, that's a wrap, folks! Have a great weekend. 

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