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Hello there, Friday. It's been awhile...

1. The biggest events of the month, the biggest news in our house, is the changing of the years. In this quiet month, Isaac turned 6(!) and Tessa turned 2 (!!!!!). So though I have this motherly guilty feeling that I should go back and write them both a birthday post, I also have this reality feeling that it isn't going to happen. So I'll give you the scoop on their birthday shindigs. 

2. Isaac wanted a Skylanders party. (If you don't know what Skylanders are, count your blessings. If you do, I feel your pain.) So we rounded up the troops, gave it a little decor, and celebrated the big number 6.

Birthday boy! 6 years old!!!
One thing that is interesting to note is that, when it comes to party planning, Isaac is all about WHO will come and Drew is all about WHAT we will do at the party. Interesting difference, don't ya think? (It fits into my DISC theory that at the core, Drew is a C and Isaac is an I. If you're not a DISC person, please disc-regard.)

I discovered the wonder of using a tupperware container, an empty cool whip tub, and two bandanas to create....wait for it...the CUPCAKE MOUNTAIN! Seriously, you have to do this, folks. (There's a rumor going around that I completed it, stepped back, and declared passionately, "Take that, Pinterest!" No comment.)

Skylanders cupcake toppers I ordered off of Etsy- mixed reviews on those, folks...

Game time

Are these kids focused or what?
Isaac had a blast. It was fun to see some faces that we haven't seen this summer. It was low-fuss and high-fun, the best kind of party, in my humble opinion. 

3. Next on the birthday list, my friend, Sharon, had a birthday. We celebrated with Harry Potter cupcakes because Sharon is a HP fan. Not a fan like, "Oh, I read the books" but a fan like "Yeah, I have a Harry Potter tattoo." Yep, for real. And while we're on the topic of books inspiring tattoos, have you seen these 50 Tattoos Inspired by Books? (And let me just say, I know someone with #21, #23 completely creeps me out, and #39 makes no sense. Why? I mean, just why?) 

Would you ever get a book tattoo? Let us know in the comments...

4. Tessa is 2. Oh, my sweet Tessa. She is two and a bit feisty and still such a sweet pea. 
Ask her how old and she says, "Two!"

For Tessa's party, we had a bug theme because she's all about "poly polies" and "lady bugs" and "cute crickets!" This little one loves bugs. So we had dirt cake in small cups and put it on the, that's right, the cupcake mountain. 

Love those neighbors...

Happy Birthday, Tessa Jo!

Phew. We're partied out. Garrett's birthday is a few weeks away and then we're done for the year. 

5. I'll spare you my lament about the summer being almost over and where did it go and how the years are slipping away. Around this time of year, I start to sigh a little more and bite my lip as I look at the calendar and gulp a bit. Just a bit. The homeschool countdown is upon us. And while I know it's what I want for my kids and my family, there is still a small voice inside that says, "Really? We're doing it again?" I think part of that comes from the work and the added agenda of each day. But more than that, I think there is a part of me that feels the weight of that decision. And it weighs especially heavy as I look at the next year, consider curriculum, try to set goals for the kids, and embrace the reality that this is it. This is the plan. I love it the way one might love to rule a nation. Opportunity for good? Yes. Honored by the position? Of course. Terrified that I will ruin something precious? Undoubtedly. But I think that's good, that the weight of it can ground me and not sink me when I choose to carry it with Christ.  So I'm stepping into it with fear and trembling, and just a little bit of denial that it is, indeed, August. But here we go.

It's good to be back here on a Friday. I have two posts that I am really excited for and I will try to get those churned out in due time. I also read some books that I'd like to discuss and have a stash of kid quotes and stories that may make an appearance. 

Hope your weekend brings rests and laughter, with some fresh carbs and cold soda on the side. 


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