quick 5

Here we go.

1. My brief hiatus from the internet served several purposes and had several unintended consequences. One of these consequences was losing my tolerance for overused slang. Seriously.  I am weary of reading about people who "love me some pancakes" or "are uber-excited" or think things are "freakin awesome." I'm just over it, folks. Completely over it. 

2. That being said, I feel more positively towards creative punctuation. It just works sometimes. (Yes, I realize that I am a hypocrite. )

3. We're having a family weekend away and it is just what the dr. ordered. It only takes one day of the slower pace to reassure me that this is, in fact, the way we were meant to live. I feel more patient and stable and clear and grounded. I know that some of that is the mountain air talking. And some of it is the quiet afternoon and the fact that this is not my house and I don't have to clean it. But still, I continue to come back to the idea that we don't thrive in the busyness. Now how to live that idea out...that's the question.

4. One of the things that I did in July, when I wasn't wasting time on the internet, was watch You've Got Mail with the director's commentary. Yep, very profitable. The experience was fascinating for several reasons, but what I really enjoyed most was the insight into Nora Ephron as she talked about how she wrote the script. Most of the major scenes are based on things that happened to her. Around that same time, I was having a nightmarish Office Max experience that included all my kids, an approaching bedtime, and a copy deadline for the next day. As Tessa freaked out BIG TIME, a store employee approached and asked if I'd like him to play with her. Now if you've met Tessa, you know that everyone does not get the privilege of playing with Tessa- she's like a country club toddler; exclusive is her middle name. The employee then walked over to a bin of colored duct tapes, pulled out a colorful roll, and rolled it across the floor. "Down! Down! Me play!" Tessa called. And away she went. All four kids rolled tape around the story for forty more minutes. And as for that store employee, he would definitely make a great character in a book or something, don't you think?

5. Kids up early so I have to run. Have a great weekend!!!!!

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Stacey said...

You've inspired me. I'm watching You've Got Mail with the commentary. I've seen several "behind the scenes" talking about how the project came to be, and after her death a few articles about her writing and her method. I love this movie (as well as the original, and Sleepless in Seattle) and all the things I've seen about it, and so now the commentary. I could only wish to write like she does.