quick {pic} 5

The last Friday of summer break! Yahoo! (sniff, sniff...it's complicated, OK?)

1. Today Isaac came in from playing outside, pulled himself up on a bar stool, and started this conversation. 

Isaac: Mom, let's play Truth or Dare.
Me: OK.
Isaac: You go first. Truth or Dare?
Me: Truth.
Isaac: (eyes up to the right corner, thinking) I'm gonna need you to say "dare" for this to work. 

2. Love this pic. Can you tell someone else wanted to hold the phone?

3. We homeschool. I don't always talk about that a ton, partially because it's such a loaded thing and partially because this isn't a 'homeschool' blog. But I know that there are folks who stop in here who share that part of life and I really do want to write more about the whole homeschool aspect of things. This week I've been nesting a bit in the dining room as I turn it into our school room for the fall. 

Somewhere in the process I took this picture and then fell on the couch and wept. Ugh.

I feel the challenge coming, that time of year when I simultaneously love my right to homeschool but just wish someone else could do it for me. From my summer reading and work with Classical Conversations, I feel a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm about the path we're on. I also feel a coming exhaustion, an acceptance of the reality that I love homeschooling and it is just a lot. A lot. That's the only way to put it. This year I will have the new delight of occupying Tessa (the two year old who dropped her morning nap last week), keeping Ella from seizing control, and attempting to classically educate the six and eight year old in the midst of it. It's not for the faint-of-heart or the shy-of-caffeine, that's for sure. But I'm getting excited. More on that to come!

4. I was working on some art project ideas for our homeschool community and was trying to come up with abstract art for 4-5 year-olds.  I thought up this idea and then tried it with my own kids- Abstract Hands!

You simply trace your child's hand, turn the paper, and trace it again. I outlined Ella's (age 4) in black marker and then let the her color. Isaac (6) only needed help with the hand tracing and could do the rest himself.  And Drew (8) did it on his own. Pretty fun results for such a simple idea!

5. Possibly my favorite pic of the summer....
Fashionista by the lake. 

In other news...

6. Our cat (who got hit by a car) is healing up well, thanks for asking.

7. Please don't ask me about my book. I told my husband, "Want to know what it's like to write a book while raising four young kids? Just imagine that you're drowning and someone throws you a laptop." Yep, that's about it. But I want to get back at it soon. SOON. Not working on it makes me slightly crazier than working on it, which is saying something.

8. We may not technically start homeschooling on Monday because our curriculum isn't here yet. And then the Voice in my head says, "Gee, I sure wish you had all summer to order curriculum and didn't have to wait until after vacation." Shut up, Voice. (See #7)

9. I like blogging. I'm glad July is done and we're all back here. I'm scheming up a blog redesign and hope to have it up this fall. We shall see. (See #7)

Well, there you have it. Hope your weekend is just the right mix of well-oiled plans and pleasant surprises. And if you know someone headed back to school, why not give them a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils? Just sayin...


Teresa said...

I love New York in the fall.

Becky said...

Thank yer, Teresa! (great profile pic, by the way)