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Hello, September! 

1. The boys started flag football this week. It's such a gut-wrenching decision: I want them to be socialized and athletic without the inconvenience of practices and games and such. But here we are, week 1, and the boys are thrilled. They seem to have great coaches and each have a friend on the team so that's lots of fun. And the girls amuse themselves quite nicely so it isn't half as stressful as I thought. 
Drew's fist night

Good thing Ella had decent reception at the field because she had a lot of "work" to take care of. 

Tessa went on a minor sleep strike last night, so by this evening she mostly just stood around and stared at things. 

2. You may have noticed from the recent pics that I am attempting to grow the girls' bangs out. During this process, there are only two options for hair styles: shaggy dog (bangs in the eyes) or whoville who (bangs sticking up on top). The whole process is kind of a nuisance and you'd think "What's the big deal?" but let me tell you, I'm getting to that point in the process where you decide to just trim the bangs and forget about it. But I'm staying strong, really I am. 

That reminds me of the story about Thomas Paine when his daughters were growing out their bangs. He said, "These are the times that try men's souls." Or maybe that was something else. Who knows.

3. We recently had a successful library trip which we are enjoying.
Home with new books!

Some of our favorite new books are Pest Fest by Julia Durango, My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall,  Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson (not new around here but it is new to Tess), and Little Quack Loves Colors by Lauren Thompson. The boys are in an extreme non-fiction phase so there are piles of books about spiders and animals and space and castles. And of course, their favorite book was renewed. Again. 

4. Last weekend we "camped". I use the term loosely because 1) I never actually slept at the campsite and 2) we rented a great facility that had a commercial kitchen and 3) there was a photo booth. Can you really call it a camping trip if there is awesome food and a photo booth? I'm not sure. We did get eaten up by mosquitoes, so we have that to remember the camping trip. The kids had a blast and we enjoyed the hours away from home and with our people.

On a side note, when people were doing the photo booth (because of course you really want your picture taken a gazillion times when you've been camping!) there began a trend of couples taking pictures. Couples smiling, kissing, being silly. So cute. So of course, Garrett and I go to take our picture. We smile. We kiss. Then someone says "Be silly!" and my husband turns to me and licks  the entire left side of my face. The result was a series of funny pictures and my husband declaring that I taste like OFF. Sheesh. 

On a funnier side note, have you watched the Jim Gaffigan sketch on Camping? You should.

5. Years back we met a teen while volunteering in a juvenile detention center. We didn't know him well, but the chaplain of the facility, who was also a friend of ours, did know him well and spent a lot of time with him. Then we moved on to live at the boys' home and that teen was sentenced to 20 years and we didn't think much of it in the last few years. Then a few days ago, I read about Nikko here. He was released from jail on July 30th and then killed four people in three weeks.  It's hard to sum up the conversations we've had, the way that we stare at his picture in search of the quiet sixteen-year old that we knew, the way we wonder if things could have been different. Mental health and juvenile justice and the entire corrections system...I don't even know where to start on those things. But we are so saddened for the loss of those families and for the path that Nikko took.  

Guess that's it for us this week. I'll be going to the Husker game with a few of my favorite guys (my dad and my boys!) so that is exciting. Other than that, steady on as we wait for fall and savor summer. 

Have a good one, friends.

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