quick 5

Hey there, Friday and Friday fans!

1. Yesterday could have been Friday (or Tuesday or Valentine's Day or whatever it wanted to be) because the weather was so glorious! The first few hints of fall, of sunshine that doesn't make you sweat and a breeze that doesn't feel like opening the oven and cool shade and light jackets...we loved it all. We packed up our school work and took to the park, which worked brilliantly until a preschool play group joined us an hour later. But still, the change of weather is lovely and we are eating it up. 

2. While the kids played around at the park, I took the opportunity to expand my mind with some quality literature. 

In a word: hilarious.

The kids kept yelling across the playground, "Why are you laughing, mom?" Great read. (Did you watch the camping video on last week's quick 5? Have you seen the Hot Pockets sketch? Please do.)

3.  What's not to love about an evening at the Husker game?
Boys meets (Husker) World

Watch football and sweat off calories


Just you, a football, and 90,000 fans

4. This week our tarantula molted. Again. It seems like he is beginning to grow exponentially and I seem to be the only member of my household who is not celebrating this development. 

I snapped this picture of him last night. It creeps me out when he climbs up the sides of his enclosure. 

Here are a few of the questions we get asked most often:

  • What does it eat? Crickets. Live ones. That you buy at the pet store and then have to keep alive in your living room so that you can feed them to him. So the chirping at night is like a little perk that you didn't expect...or want. 
  • How big will he get? I don't want to talk about it (though the answer to the question depends on if the spider is male or female as girl spiders get bigger. Could get as big as my hand if it is a she and she lives a long time. Gulp.)
  • Do you hold it? No! This is not a free-range tarantula, people. It stays in the enclosure at all times, thank you very much. 
  • It is poisonous? No, most tarantulas aren't. Though most have some kind of venom, it isn't toxic to humans. Number of people on record who have died of a tarantula bite? Zero. 
  • Why? Why? Why? Again, I am the lone member of the family that does not adore this little arachnid, Tessa included. She coos, "Spider so cute! Spider eat crickets!" as she stares at him through the little plastic walls. Sheesh. 
So that's that. 

5. I recently watched Star Trek: Into Darkness, the latest of the Star Trek remakes by J.J Abrams. I was intrigued because the villain in this movie is played by the same actor who plays the lead on BBC's Sherlock, and he is excellent. He makes a great Sherlock, but he also makes a great villain. I never thought in a million years I'd be giving thumbs up review to a Star Trek movie, but it was actually a good flick. 

And that is about it, folks. Good weather ahead. Weekend almost here. September chugging by. We're trying to not just press on with life but to press in to each other's lives as well. Hope the weekend leaves you some time for that. 

Have a good one. 


Teresa said...

One question about the tarantula I would have:
* How do you kill it?

Uncle J said...

Knew you would love Dad is Fat! His stuff on midwives is great!